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Resident Evil 2 & 3 VR Mods Now Available

Resident Evil 2 and 3 VR mods have finally arrived.

A VR fun who has been working on these ports for a few months, has just released both mods on GitHub. We've already tried out the Resident Evil 2 VR mod. Below is some gameplay, though keep in mind that this is an older build.

Resident Evil 2 and 3 VR Mods Now Available

Overall, it's a truly remarkable achievement. Not only are both games running in first-person, but they also have full motion controlled support, immersing you even further in the experience. Weapon collision has been added, allowing you to swing a knife realistically, and you can now watch all the game's original cut scenes in full 3D rather than cutting to a virtual window (though, fair warning, this breaks the composition of some scenes).

To play the mods, you'll need the original games, as well as a good gaming rig, because of the additional performance demands VR places on already-demanding games.

With these VR mods and official ports, many the mainline Resident Evil games can now be played with a headset. Resident Evil 7 received a fantastic PSVR remake in 2017, and Resident Evil 4 arrived in Quest 2 on October 2021. We're keeping our fingers crossed that Resident Evil 8 will receive full VR support in the future.

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