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Rokid AR Glasses Give Hainan Airlines Passengers a New Way to Fly

Imagine soaring through the clouds, not just watching a movie on a tiny screen, but immersed in a 3D world, reading an ebook that floats before your eyes, or even playing games in augmented reality. This isn't science fiction – it's the latest in-flight entertainment offered by Hainan Airlines, thanks to a partnership with Chinese tech startup Rokid.

For the first time ever, passengers on select Hainan Airlines routes can ditch the traditional screens and strap on Rokid's AR glasses. This isn't just a marketing gimmick; it's a glimpse into the future of travel, where technology seamlessly blends with the real world.

Gone are the days of craning your neck over the seatmate in front. With Rokid's lightweight glasses (a mere 75 grams!), you'll enjoy 3D movies, ebooks, and even simple games, all floating comfortably in your own personal space. And forget bulky headsets – these sleek glasses retail for just $420, a fraction of the cost of Apple's Vision Pro which, by the way, isn't even available in China yet.

This initial trial, coinciding with China's busy Lunar New Year travel rush, is just the beginning. Hainan Airlines is rolling out the AR experience on multiple flights, and Rokid is already in talks with "lots of airlines," including major international carriers. So, the next time you board a plane, keep your eyes peeled – you might just be flying into the future!

The article was written by Amit Caesar and Bard

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