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According to Methanel Livy, CEO of Actiview, the collaboration with INSEAD began earlier this year by integrating the company's stratified reality technology into five courses at the institution, and is now expanding to include additional courses. Schoolchildren in every class.

The INSEAD students can be an integral part of the study material and test cases presented by lecturers from different parts of the world through the system. For example, students may visit virtual Zanzibar in one class, where they get to know local entrepreneurs and learn how to promote the chain of stores they own and grow their business along the shores of the island. We will present students with the lesson content and information on these examples through viewing VR glasses.

At large organisations, Actiview designs virtual and mixed reality applications for departments of human resources. The software uses brief assignments and role-playing games, and lets the employer evaluate future hires, transition training courses, like INSEAD graduate business courses. Besides the virtual reality glasses, the device also includes sensors which track the user's eye, face and other unconscious movements.

We found the business in 2016 and employs about 50 people including neuroscientists, computer scientists, engineers, psychologists and designers in Lod, Tel Aviv and London. The company has so far raised $7 million, of which $6.5 million from the Teddy Sagi Group, and the company is currently in the last stages of another funding round.

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