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How to succeed in the virtual reality world of tomorrow?

My name is Amit Caesar. As some of my followers already know, I have visited the future with the help of my developed imagination and my ability to analyze processes. 

did you already you made any plans for 2025?  The world is ruled by populists millionaires who use artificial intelligence to spread lies everywhere. The age of massive lies has arrived. and any tiny truth as Worth more than gold. 

For years, I've been working and researching the technological singularity that we are now experiencing. The world is undergoing such rapid changes that only the people who embrace rapid change can serve it.

There is no way to avoid technical singularity. The question isn't how the question is when. According to my predictions, the year of singularity will be 2029, however, because of the coronavirus, all processes have sped up, which shows that the singularity would be sooner.

Write the date. I'm going to give you some examples that will happen real soon:

Cash will not exist in the current format

artificial intelligence will emerge

Virtual reality in direct human interface

A new and parallel world for humans in virtual reality

Digital assets and currencies are the money of the future of humanity

These are just a few of the topics I am referring there is a lot more.

Years of living in virtual reality have taught me what tools are needed to survive the transition to the new age. One of the important things I learned. No matter who you are today, because soon the world will reset.

What am I looking for? Investors who know I'm right and want to invest in the realm of the virtual universe. These days I am developing virtual reality and combined reality products for tomorrow's era and since there are some products I need investors who want to work and not just invest money.

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