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A little about me lary singul and us CaesarVR 2013:

hi, Let me introduce myself, my name is lary singul and I set up the world's first virtual reality store in Israel in 2013, The story about me and virtual reality begins in 1993 until this day, but that's already a story for another day.

In 2013, I left the computer profession where I worked all my life and moved to AR\VR\MR, I founded Caesar VR Company, my profession is unequivocal to a Doctor for virtual reality and integrated reality\augmented reality.

CaesarVR's goals are to help prepare the public for what is coming and that's why the team has been uploading and writing articles for many years in Hebrew and English.

We run The second-largest Facebook group in Israel, we upload free tutorials to our YouTube channel, We are also directing the Mad World TV show about virtual reality on the Israeli sports channel "Crazy World".

Our site has a wealth of information for your convenience, when you shop with us you also pay for our writers who make days and nights for you with great love, Products can be purchased from us directly or through our Amazon store.

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