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A little about me and us:

Let me introduce myself, my name is Amit Caesar and I set up the world's first virtual reality store in Israel in 2013.

Until six years ago, I was working on computers and the Internet, an area where I worked for over 25 years and when I heard that Facebook was buying a small company called Oculus, I realized that virtual reality was coming back, I was excited, I was waiting for it from the 1990s.

Without thinking too much, I left everything and devoted myself to the virtual reality that will change our lives very soon.
I set up the first virtual reality store in Israel and the world, I realized very quickly, the impact and processes that are going to happen in the next few years in virtual reality.
It takes only a little imagination to take the realm of virtual reality into every realm of our lives and see what it will do to the world and reality itself.

One of CaesarVR's goals is to help prepare the public for what is coming and that's why the team has been uploading and writing articles for many years in Hebrew and English.

We run the largest Facebook group in Israel, we upload free tutorials to our YouTube channel, as well as regular participants in the "Crazy World" program on the Israeli sports channel, on AR / VR / MR /.

On our site you will find news information, virtual reality glasses store / AR / MIX guides, as well as information on all models and parts of the field in English and Hebrew.

Beyond the possibility to purchase VR \ AR \ MR products, software and services in our store you can purchase related products such as: 360 cameras, VR suit, virtual reality gloves, virtual reality devices, control and joysticks and more ...

We at CaesarVR are taking you on a journey to a parallel world, which is just beyond the lens, and you are all invited to be part of the next technological revolution, so say hello to your new reality.


VRisrael the world first vr\ar shop from 2013

Physical store to purchase MR \ VR \ MR, augmented reality products, CaesarVR selling virtual reality hardware

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Import and branding of Google Cardboard or plastic goggles

Market business and products in an efficient and targeted way by AR \ VR Google Cardboard

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VR Solutions for Institutions and The private sector

Establishing classrooms and complexes for study and business. Institutions and The private sector

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Developing content to business and military sectors

Developing virtual reality content in unity/unreal - for training, education and more.

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Establishment of complexes or training facilities

we are engaged in importing, manufacturing and installing gaming platforms and training.

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VR \ MR \ AR News From 2013 to the present

CaesarVR Israel's news site has been providing news in the field of VR \ MR \ AR for over SIX years.

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Facilities, chairs and VR\AR\MR equipment shipping

imports, installs and provides service and warranty for virtual reality facilities around the world.

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equipment and accessories for AR\VR\MR

Gloves, suits, sensors, accessories and more. Spare parts, stands and more.

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Virtual reality AR / MR in education and training.

Nowadays, many of the subjects in education in Israel and in the world are no longer updated to the 21st century. New technology virtual reality takes us forward to a suitable education for 2020. By presenting the content in a new way and visually every tutorial or lesson, becomes a magical journey in time and universe into the unknown. At CaesarVR we developed a new learning method based on virtual reality AR / MR, Don't be left behind, welcome to your new reality.

Interactive floor / wall projectors

CaesarVR commits to the lowest price and service since 2013.Smart interactive floor, for education, learning and social games.

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Welcome to your new reality