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It is unnecessary for every virtual reality game to be action-packed. These virtual reality games are ideal for a relaxing afternoon.

Covers for Minecraft and Ghost Giant
While I know some games for being fast-paced, adrenaline-filled, and thrilling to play, I know others for being the polar opposite. I well known some games for their ability to induce players to unwind and relax. Although not these games appear to be meditation breathing exercises, many of them are about immersing yourself in new environments or losing yourself in a simple task.

Virtual reality has opened up entirely new worlds of possibilities for both competitive and casual gamers. Whether it's outside of a gamer's normal scope of play, VR games have something for everyone, and going for the relaxing route may just be the best way to have a good time.

10 Minecraft is a game where you can build
Minecraft's Steve wearing a virtual reality headset
Minecraft exemplifies what a sandbox game is all about: a free-to-explore world that the player can conquer at their own pace and lose track of time in without even realizing it. Now is the time for the player to almost literally step into the Minecraft world that so many people have grown to adore.

The ability to walk through the pixelized world in the headset, experiencing it exactly as Steve would, feels like something brand new. Players could immerse themselves in this world of infinite possibility even before this level of involvement, chopping away, building endlessly, and watching the sunrise and set for hours on end in the most cathartic of ways.

9 Deism is a belief in the existence of God.
Deisim is a town in Deisim, and the title is in Deisim's hands
Deism is a top-down God game in which the player creates and destroys from a mysterious location in the sky. Players can expect their "quick 30-minute game" to turn into a quick just-a-few-more-hours game before they know it, as this is an absolute sandbox game.

The world starts out as a blank slate that can grow into full-fledged civilizations with glorious achievements... or torn apart in a matter of moments if the player so desires. What strategy will the player used to bring the population out of the stone age? What will they do about heresy? Only the player has the power to decide on everyone's fate!

8 Effect of Tetris
Multicolored light particles surround the Tetris effect.
Tetris has captivated gamer's attention and hours since the 1980s, and it's still as addictive today as it was 40 years ago. Now that virtual reality has added to the equation, the player can lose all sense of the physical world around them and become completely immersed in the massive Tetris map in front of them.

The atmosphere is dark, with bright flashes of light as the player progresses, and the music is easy to vibe to, enhancing the player's abilities. Because the frame rate for VR headsets is so low, the response is almost real-time, something that classic Tetris has yet to achieve.

7 Orbus VR: A New Beginning
Over a rock archway, Orbus reborn title
From fighting to resting, mini games to exploring, Orbus VR: Reborn has something for everyone. Pick up a bow and go after the bad guys, or sit for a while with a fishing pole to see what's biting on that day.

This game places a strong emphasis on social interaction and playing with friends can elevate a simple "relaxing time" to a different level of "fun time." Whatever the day requires, till the land, brew potions, or simply sit around town listening to stories in between fighting spells!

6 Gadgeteer is a term used to describe a person who is
Gadgeteer logo with tools in the background
Gadgeteer caters to the tinker in all of us by allowing players endlessly tinker in a virtual world that won't cause real-world messes or breaks. What else could a gamer want?

After becoming enthralled by smaller projects, players will eventually find themselves immersed for hours, creating massive interconnected works of art. You're not the creative type, but you still want to have a good time? It's no problem. There is a library of player-created creations that will keep viewers entertained for hours. This game is about experiencing, not building, and it is free of worry and failure. That's something worth investing in.

5 Fujii is a Japanese word that means to

Fujii is a genuine work of art, both in terms of sound and visuals, both of which the player controls throughout the game. Restore nature, plant a garden, raise critters, and improve your mental health.

In this peaceful journey, the player takes on the role of Mother Nature in a mesmerizing monochromatic world. For gamers of any skill or interest level, the connection between the player, their movements, hepatic feedback, music, and visuals creates a perfectly full experience.

4 No Man's Sky is a game that takes place in space.
Ship landed in a distant desert with hand raised to shield from the sun.
Although No Man's Sky had a rocky start, it has come a long way since then. The developers worked on the game until it was perfect after taking (a lot of and sometimes aggressive) player feedback into account. Players can now fully immerse themselves in the world as they have always desired, thanks to the addition of a VR option.

With its elements of building, developing, and surviving and its incredible sandbox aspect, No Man's Sky has frequently compared to Minecraft, but in space and with much more of a story. There has never been a better time to experience the fully fleshed out and endless worlds the universe offers if you were a gamer who initially passed up NMS due to negative feedback.

3 Job Simulator
In an office setting, a boss robot
On the surface, Job Simulator may appear to be a bad idea, but once the player puts on the VR headset and enters the simulation, they realize how liberated they can be. Sure, gamers can copy paperwork, click away on computers, and so on, or they can throw a stapler at their boss, eat garbage, break office equipment, and role-play as their daydreams demand.

In a world where robots have taken over all the jobs, players can enter a simulation to relive the experience of "working." It is up to each player to decide how they want to handle it.

2 The Gods' Journey
Over a sword in the clouds, the Journey of the Gods logo appears.
Journey of the Gods is a Zelda-style fighter that takes the player from a small-time hero to a God-tier savior. As the power of the Gods becomes known, fight against the forces of evil and darkness that are descending upon the land, effectively upping the ante.

I praise this game for never being repetitive and for becoming increasingly open as the player progresses through the quest line. The experience will have completely opened up by the end of the game, leaving the player feeling more powerful than ever. Walking around in this beautifully crafted world is a mental treat, even if you don't overcome the darkness.

1 Giant with a Ghost
With a ghost giant title, a giant ghost hand reaches out to a small animal boy.
Ghost Giant is a charming game in which the player takes on the role of a giant ghost who can only see by a small boy. But, thankfully, the player is a good ghost/giant who comes to the boy's aid and that of his town. The player has the privilege of a near-fourth wall break where the boy addresses you directly as his friend in this God game of the purest kind.

Discover a quaint town and a heartfelt story uniquely and perhaps learn something about courage and friendship along the way.

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