November 26, 2021 is Black Friday. Deals on Video Games and Virtual Reality in 2021

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Do you have a virtual reality enthusiast in your circle of friends or family? Black Friday is a great time to get them something they'll enjoy. Check out the top virtual reality presents for Christmas.

Choosing the greatest virtual reality Black Friday gift is a large and significant decision. However, choosing the correct Virtual Reality headset, game, or device may not be as straightforward as it appears.

With a plethora of alternatives, VR tech gift ideas can rock this Christmas. Black Friday is approaching, and there has probably never been a better time to gain a virtual reality present.

There are many virtual reality choices available, and prices are lower than they have ever been. In this Black Friday gift guide, we look into some of the best VR gifts for Black Friday, encompassing a wide range of prices and scenarios.

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Oculus Quest 2 is an excellent option if you would like to gift something with the latest and greatest features on the market! Compared to its predecessor, Oculus Quest 2, it has some improvements on its screen, also it weighs less, meaning it’s more comfortable to wear. Another thing we love about it is the price. The price varies between $300–$400, which makes it a product with great value for the money!

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2. HTC vive pro 2 full kit

HTC Vive pro 2 is one of the fantastic tech gift ideas to share this Black Friday. Vive pro 2 offers an immersive VR room-scale experience with a portion of the severe and upgraded features a person can dream of in virtual-reality today. The primary value lies in the two all-around situated sensors' light-house boxes with clearing lasers for accuracy, besides the two controllers that consider simple route for pleasurable gaming sessions.

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3. Sony PlayStation VR

When looking for the best console-based virtual-reality headset to gift out this season, at that point, the PlayStation VR Christmas tech gift comes helpful. PlayStation VR gives space to a good measure of gaming and programming on the PlayStation Virtual-Reality Platform with VR games like Star Wars VR, Resident Evil 7, and so on and more appropriate for PS4 clients for PC virtual reality gaming. With nine motion-tracking light sensors using the PS camera and single sensor, users can still enjoy the exceptional room-scale virtual reality experience by PlayStation VR.

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4. pico neo 2 

Introducing the Neo 2 and Neo 2 Eye VR headsets. With best-in-class 4K resolution, comfort, enterprise functionality, 6 degrees of freedom, world-leading precision eye tracking and spatial stereo speakers, we built our latest headset with business in mind.  

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1. Valve Index Full VR Kit 

We've pushed visual, audio, and ergonomic technologies to create the best-in-class VR experience. Optimized pixel layout The headset's dual 1440x1600 RGB LCDs provide 50% more subpixels than OLED, resulting in greater sharpness for the same rendering cost. In addition, the fill-factor is three times better than OLED, greatly reducing “screen door” effect. Higher frame rates The Valve Index® Headset runs at 120Hz with full back-compatibility to 90Hz, as well as an experimental 144Hz mode. Higher framerates improve realism and optical comfort, allowing longer and more comfortable play sessions. Extremely low persistence Valve Index displays have a reduced illumination period of 0.330ms to 0.530ms (framerate dependent), allowing imagery to remain just as sharp when your head is in motion as when you're standing still. This is a 5x improvement over first-generation PC VR HMDs.

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1. hp reverb g2

Exceptional combination of visuals and sound equipped with industry-leading lenses and speakers designed by Valve, our HMD provides high-quality resolution and fully immersive spatial audio.

Resolution Immerse yourself in ultra sharp visuals with mura-free, 2160 x 2160 LCD panels per eye and full RGB stripe. At 9.3 million pixels, get 2.5x more pixels than Oculus Rift S.2 Lenses Get more clarity over the previous gen with new industry-leading lenses designed by Valve. Audio Get a high-quality audio experience with industry-leading Valve speakers. They sit off the ear by 10mm, allowing you to have a more comfortable fit.

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1. HTC Vive Flow, 

The New Htc immersive VR glasses made for wellness and mindful productivity. Compact and lightweight, the VIVE Flow goes where you go. 

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Best VR Accessories for Christmas

The following virtual reality accessories are solid choices, but don’t forget to check the compatibility of the following accessories with your or loved one’s VR headset.

12. Turtle Beach VR Headphones

Most VR headsets – if not all, right now – require the use of external headphones for a better surround-sound experience. Turtle Beach has an incredible line available and made, especially for VR. These headsets feature a lightweight design, with smooth, fabric-wrapped memory foam ear cushions to ensure a breathable, comfortable fit.The Turtle Beach Stealth 350VR gaming headset delivers Virtual Reality audio loud and clear with battery-powered amplification, Variable Bass Boost, and an ergonomic “built for VR” design that provides clearance for VR headbands and cables. The Stealth 350VR’s large 50mm speakers ensure rich, expansive audio, while the lightweight design and smooth, fabric-wrapped memory foam over-ear (closed) cushions ensure a comfortable fit.

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13. VR Travel Case

The VR headsets are easy to carry with you to parties, gatherings, work, or a friend’s house. VR travel cases have enough room for your headset, VR controllers, and the headset’s charging cable. It also keeps your controllers separated from your headset while inside the case to prevent scratches.Keep the VR headset and accessories protected with VR travel case. It is manufactured with durable materials. These reliable storage cases offer a tight, secure fit, safely holding a VR headset and providing protection against VR-environmental accidents —perfect when not in use or transporting VR systems from one location to another.

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14. Studioform Creative Quest Deluxe Strap

Most VR headsets can be front-heavy; you can feel the pressure on your face that increases. This head strap divides the weight across the top of your head to the sides and center. It helps improve comfort by supporting the front weight of the headset. Our products are produced with our custom bonded Studioform Looptex fabric to give three layers of foam-padded comfort. An excellent solution for extended VR social and solo sessions. This strap also comes with a spare Velcro kit to help customize fitment. However, for precise and excellent results, we recommend attaching small counterweights to the back of this strap in combination with top-strap.

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15. Google Chromecast Ultra

While VR is mostly solo experience, you can share the VR headset with your friends by casting your gameplay to a TV. The Google Chromecast Ultra’s ability to connect to the web through an Ethernet connection makes it the best Chromecast for the job.All together now: TV shows, blockbuster movies, live streaming and telecast, YouTube, and pictures. All streaming on your 4k Ultra-HD TV. From all your family’s devices, mostly smartphones. Everything you like and love about Chromecast and more; by using your smartphone, it’s incredibly easy to play, pause, and control the volume, as well as, more from anywhere in your place; supported operating systems by this gadget are Android 4.2 and higher, Mac os x 10.9 and higher, iOS 9.1 and higher, Windows 7 (all rights reserved) and higher.

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16. Energizer Rechargeable Batteries

The most VR hand controllers require AA batteries to operate and perform the best. It’s a terrible feeling to pick up the VR headset and not to play it because your hand controller’s batteries are dried out. These rechargeable batteries from Energizer will help you play on your headset all day long.

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