Books you must read about virtual reality

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24 Sep

Written by Amit Caesar

Virtual reality is becoming a major part of our lives from the architecture industry, the events industry, the games industry, the tutorial industry and more and more and although this technology has been around for many years, many of us have not taken the time to fully understand its action and major implications. our life. Here are four books that I Amit Caesar highly recommend to anyone interested in learning more about virtual reality (VR).

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1. The VR Book: Human-Centered Design for Virtual Reality

By Jason Gerald

Think of it as your UI / UX textbook as the designers of the future in virtual reality. This book has the most historical value in virtual reality that I have seen to date with a lot of simple information and pictures that will help you enter the world of virtual reality in the best way. This will be your best first baptism into the world of virtual reality. If you have the passion for virtual reality, this is the book for you. Not only will you understand what virtual reality is at the deepest level, but you will also gain the best tools in your first steps in the real matrix.

2. The Fourth Transformation: How Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything

By Robert Skovel and israel

I read this book back in 2016. The reading was easy, fun and quick which helped me understand the evolution of virtual reality and augmented reality and the major formative events that happened over the last decades and it was really exciting to understand how technology grown and what were the causes and results that brought technology to the present point. In this book, I learned a lot about the way we will move from physical human beings to metaphysical human beings.

3. Future Presence: How Virtual Reality Is Changing Human Connection, Intimacy, and the Limits of Ordinary Life

By Peter Robin

Peter Robin's book is well written and fascinating for theoretical literature. Robin makes some intriguing predictions about how virtual reality might change life as we know it.
The book examines virtual reality from the eyes of the media by focusing more on how virtual reality will change our relationship with each other. The book raises the question "What is presence?" Given the new level of connection and interaction seen in the new virtual world. For us as designers of the human future in virtual reality, the book offers enlightening perspectives on how we can create more believable experiences in order to truly connect with our audience.

4. The History of the Future: Oculus, Facebook, and the Revolution That Swept Virtual Reality

By Blake J. Harry

The title is misleading. The book does not talk about the history of virtual reality, the book talks about virtual reality and our future within it. For anyone who has entered the realm of virtual reality today.

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