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26 Feb

The Oculus Quest 2 is blissfully simple to use — just turn it on, grab your controllers, and you’re ready. However, while this wireless virtual reality headset works great out of the box, there are a variety of great accessories you can buy to make your VR experience even more comfortable, immersive and long-lasting.

After scouring the web for the most popular and highly rated add-ons for the Quest 2, we’ve picked out several handy accessories that run the gamut from chargers and comfort straps to a special cable that effectively turns your headset into a powerful Oculus Rift. Here are the Oculus Quest 2 accessories worth checking out right now.

Sarlar VR Lens Brush ($9.99; Amazon.com)Sarlar VR Lens Brush Sarlar VR Lens BrushIt’s hard to get immersed in your Quest 2 when your headset’s lenses are foggy, so keeping them clean is key. Sarlar VR’s Lens Brush makes that easy, featuring both a brush tip for getting rid of dust and dirt and a carbon tip for cleaning up fingerprints and smudges. This kit also includes a handy lens cover for keeping your Quest 2 protected when you’re not using it.

VRGE USB Battery Power Bank Organizer Kit ($19.99; Amazon.com) VRGE USB Battery Power Bank Organizer Kit VRGE USB Battery Power Bank Organizer Kit If you want to extend the Quest 2’s battery life using one of your existing portable chargers, the VRGE USB Battery Power Bank Organizer Kit makes it easy to do so. This kit includes a durable belt clip can attach to pretty much any external battery, letting you strap a battery pack to your belt or pocket and enjoy a few hours of extra juice. You also get a braided, 5-foot USB-C cable with an included Velcro strap that will keep you connected to power without impeding your immersion.

AMVR Touch Controller Grip Cover ($22.99; Amazon.com)AMVR Touch Controller Grip Cover AMVR Touch Controller Grip CoverLet’s be real: The last thing you want to happen in the middle of a heated VR session is you accidentally tossing one of your controllers and doing some serious damage to your household. 

AMVR’s Touch Controller Grip Covers help mitigate the chances of that happening, adding a convenient and durable textured grip to your Touch controllers that will make them more secure in your hands while keeping them safe from sweat and scratches. These grips also sport an adjustable elastic band that wraps around your hand, allowing you to perform more natural gestures in VR while ensuring that you don’t send a controller flying toward a loved one.

VR Cover Facial Interface and Foam Replacement Set ($29.99; Amazon.com) VR Cover Facial Interface and Foam Replacement SetVR Cover Facial Interface and Foam Replacement SetIf you want your Quest 2 to feel a bit more comfortable — especially while you’re working out — VR Cover’s Facial Interface and Foam Replacement set is worth checking out. This add-on replaces the Quest 2’s somewhat coarse face cover with a more plush, leather-covered foam padding that’s ideal for long play sessions. It comes with two unfamiliar face covers to help you find the right fit and is easy to wipe down once you’ve worked up a sweat playing some Beat Saber or Supernatural. VR Cover’s Facial Interface also comes in a variety of fun colors, allowing you to add some personalization to your Quest 2.

Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap ($49; Amazon.com)Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap Quest 2 Elite Strap makes Oculus’ headset feel even more balanced and comfortable during those long hours of blasting aliens in VR. A rigid strap keeps the Quest 2 more stable while you game, while its fit wheel allows you to quickly tighten or loosen the headset on the fly.

Oculus Quest 2 Carrying Case ($49; Amazon.com) Oculus Quest 2 Carrying Case Oculus Quest 2 Carrying Case One of the best things about the Oculus Quest 2 is how portable it is, and the Quest 2 carrying case makes traveling with your headset that much easier. This case specifically designed safely house your Quest 2 and Touch controllers, complete with extra space for those who own an Elite Strap. Plus, it just looks cool, with a soft gray exterior that matches the slick aesthetic of the Quest 2 itself.

Logitech G333 Earphones ($49; Amazon.com) Logitech G333 Earphones Logitech G333 Earphones the Oculus Quest 2’s built-in speakers work pretty well, but you’ll want a dedicated pair of headphones or earbuds for the most immersive experience possible. Logitech’s G333 earbuds designed specifically to deliver just that, with gaming-optimized audio drivers and a custom-length cable that will stay out of your way while you play. These buds offer three sets of swappable silicone ear tips, and their snazzy silver-and-blue design is a nice extra touch.

Oculus Link ($78; Amazon.com)Oculus Link Oculus Link The Oculus Link significantly expands the number of games your Quest 2 can play, so long as you have a decent gaming rig.

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