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NuEyes Technologies Announces New Pro 3 Augmented Reality Smart Glass Solution

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- NuEyes, a pioneer in the field of low-vision technology, announces its next generation of augmented reality smart glass solutions called the Pro 3. This new and innovative line of AR Smart Glasses will not only address low vision and medical, but it also addresses the needs for training and learning, as well as enterprise and government needs. From Manufacturing, Automotive, Education, Field Services, AEC, Warehouse Logistics, Government to Telecom, these binocular lightweight smart glasses will empower the workforce with guided workflows, remote assistance, knowledge transfer, step-by-step training, 3D Data Visualization and MRO Maintenance, Repair and Operations. 

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"This is an exciting pivot for NuEyes. Over the past four years, we have been approached by a multitude of medical, government, and enterprise customers asking for a smart glass solution to meet their needs. With our new multiyear exclusive manufacturing relationship with PFC, we now can deliver on those needs with the Pro 3 product line," said Mark Greget, CEO and Founder of NuEyes Technologies, Inc. 

The NuEyes Pro 3 Product Line delivers unparalleled clarity with 4K displays and an ultra-wide 51-degree field of view. This tethered solution weighs only 88g and comes in three versions. The first is tethered to a proprietary controller with dual 6DoF cameras and a forward-facing 20MP RGB Camera. Its robust SDK includes: SLAM, object, speech, and gesture recognition, as well as plane detection. The second version (Pro 3-C) boasts a 5MP RGB camera with a USB type C plug that easily connects to any smart device that renders video via a display port. The Pro 3 C connects and displays images in 2D and 3D on most Android phones and tablets, iPads, MacBook's, and Microsoft's Surface Book 2. The third version of the Pro 3 is geared around Thermal Imaging for enterprise needs. The NuEyes Pro 3 products will be available for sale beginning on Dec. 18, 2020, and will ship starting in late January. 

ABOUT NUEYES TECHNOLOGIES, INC.NuEyes is a veteran-owned smart glass technology company based in Orange County, California that was launched in January 2016 to assist those with eye conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa. Over the past four years, the company has seen extensive sales growth and has and obtained Federal, State and Insurance reimbursement for its devices.  NuEyes is excited to bring new and innovative augmented reality smart glass technology to market. The Pro 3 product line will leapfrog the technology currently available. With the leadership of NuEyes having over 16 years of combined experience in this space, we understand what it takes to successfully bring a new product line to market. 

Regina Chatman

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