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Saab global security firm created a simulation for launchers

Saab, a global security and security company (and former parent of the car maker of the same name), says it will continue to develop a VR experience designed to show a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher offered by the company.

Saab is the manufacturer of the Karl-Gustaf rifle (among a variety of other security products), a mobile anti-aircraft launcher, used by armies around the world.

VR / AR Vobling built the VR model in 2017 to show off the capabilities of launcher Karl Gustaf (M4) and also serve as the chief attraction of Saab's presence at the London International Security and Security Conference that year.

The company uses HTC VIVE's virtual reality goggles, Vobling outfitted Carl Gustav launcher with Vive Tracker, to allow the weapons to be introduced into the virtual reality world as well. The weapon is so real that it allows users to experience the actual weight, shape, and feel of the launcher, to the point of firearm firing. The experience does not offer haptics for firearms, but it shows how to fire at targets, and use a variety of projectiles (designed for different targets).

Now Vobling has announced that Saab has continued to develop the experience, which is now a "key component" of the Saab HQ showroom in Stock hold.

"Our experience has been popular and now we intend to improve and extend the functionality of the device to further increase realism and build on several scenarios available to our guests," says Patrick Mollbrink, Marketing Communications Manager at Saab.

The extended experience designed with the higher resolution of the Vive Pro and the Varjo virtual reality glasses which feature a central display with a high enough resolution that it can drastically enhance the experience of looking through the virtual scope of the distant target aimed launcher. We expect the project to be completed in the first quarter.

It is still unclear whether Saab plans to build the experience into something that could use for actual combat training, but Wobling says the current experience gives users a "realistic training scenario," so it certainly makes sense for the future of the project.

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