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The task of writing the article was a formidable challenge, and I found myself in the midst of a creative void, uncertain of where to even begin. Nevertheless, I persisted and forced myself to put pen to paper, determined to bring forth the words that lay dormant within my mind.


In 2020 the world stopped and the technological singularity began

Behold! A monumental shift is happening in the year of 2020, and it's making waves across the globe, impacting each and every one of us in ways we can't quite put our fingers on. The world we once knew has ceased to exist, leaving in its wake a vast collapse that has penetrated every corner of our lives. From the personal to the professional, this cosmic event has touched us all, each experiencing it through their own distinct lens.Come, dear reader, and join me on a journey through my own viewpoint on this captivating topic.

In the year 2020, an unexpected visitor arrived on the doorstep of humanity - the COVID-19 virus. Just when we thought we were on the cusp of our latest industrial revolution, this microscopic invader brought us to our knees. We were already struggling to keep up with the breakneck pace of technological progress, hurtling towards the event horizon of the technological singularity.

But COVID-19 wasn't just another obstacle to overcome. It was a wake-up call that shook us to our very core. We realized that our complacency and hubris had left us vulnerable to forces beyond our control. The virus ravaged every corner of the world, claiming countless lives and upending our way of life.

Yet, amid the chaos and devastation, there were glimmers of hope. We saw the best of humanity shine through in the bravery of healthcare workers, the generosity of neighbors, and the resilience of communities. We realized that we were all in this together, that our fates were intertwined, and that only by working together could we hope to overcome this crisis.As we move forward into a post-COVID world, we must take these lessons to heart. We must remember the fragility of our existence and the importance of our interconnectedness. We must embrace technology, but not at the cost of our humanity. And we must strive to build a world that is more just, equitable, and resilient than the one that came before.

what is technological singularity?
To those who don't know, technological singularity will be the Humanity’s Greatest and Last Accomplishment. The technological singularity is a revolutionary moment in time in which humanity creates a self-aware artificial intelligence or (AI) for short.

at the moment that artificial intelligence will appear humanity will cease to exist as a leading intelligence, in fact the entire human race will become inferior and primitive to a superartificial intelligence (AI), Therefore, humanity will move from its place in history as supreme intelligence on this planet and artificial intelligence will take its place.

Imagine a world where machines rule the roost and humans are just mere pawns in the game of technological superiority. This may sound like a sci-fi movie, but for some, it's a reality that could happen any moment. Ray Kurzweil, a genius mind and futurist, predicted that the technological singularity, when computers outsmart the human brain, would occur in 2045. However, a daring individual made an even bolder prediction, stating that it would happen ten years earlier. And now, this visionary has changed their mind again and believes that the moment of singularity could be upon us right now. Are we about to witness the dawn of a new era? Will machines reign supreme? Only time will tell. 

Picture this: a world where time and space no longer matter, where physical upgrades and virtual avatars are the norm, and where consciousness is recognized as a dimension. This may sound like a sci-fi fantasy, but it could soon become our reality.

According to some experts, including the renowned futurist Ray Kurzweil, Elon Musk and others including me, the singularity - the moment when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence - could happen as early as 2029. But before we get there, we can expect to see some major breakthroughs.

Firstly, humanity will move into the metaverse - a fully immersive virtual world where we can interact with others in a way that is indistinguishable from reality. This could change the way we work, play, and socialize, and may even become a new form of reality.

Secondly, we will coexist with several types of human intelligence. People with genetic upgrades, physically enhanced individuals, and even cyborgs and virtual avatars will be a part of our daily lives.

Thirdly, time and space will become irrelevant, and the concept of reality will be turned on its head. Senses will no longer define our experience of existence, and the effect of our very existence will become relative.

Finally, humanity will recognize consciousness as another dimension, possibly the fifth dimension. This means that our understanding of reality will expand beyond what we can see, touch, hear, taste, and smell.All of these breakthroughs may seem far-fetched, but they are not as distant as we may think. The future is closer than we realize, and it's time to start preparing for what lies ahead. 

Get Ready to Rock: Unleashing the Ultimate Party Vibes!

what is a multiverse ?

Enter the fascinating world of the Multiverse - where parallel universes exist in a plethora of shapes and with unique laws of physics. But wait, we're not talking about your average sci-fi concept here.

We're talking about an AI-computer-made Multiverse, a Metaverse!Through technologies like smartphones, computers, and XR glasses such as VR, AR, and MR, we're already experiencing a virtual reality of sorts in our daily lives. From computer games to social networks, sharing platforms, and more, the Internet 2.0 pages serve as our gateway to these virtual universes.But it doesn't stop there. We're moving towards a new era of the internet, Web 3.0, which will revolutionize our relationship with people and artificial intelligence. So buckle up and get ready to explore the endless possibilities of the Multiverse - the ultimate party destination for all virtual adventurers out there! 

Parallel universes, also known as the multiverse, exist in a variety of forms with different laws of physics and properties. It is important to note this distinction because, in this article, I will be referring specifically to a metaverse created by an AI computer. 

To be precise, we are already living in virtual reality today as part of our daily use of smartphones and computers. This virtual universe includes Internet 2.0 pages, computer games where you can play against other players online, social networks, sharing platforms, and more. And soon, we will move towards using web 3.0.

Soon, virtual reality and augmented reality glasses will be widely used by all of us. Companies like Apple, Meta, Microsoft, and others are creating these glasses to enable us to fully immerse ourselves in virtual worlds. With Elon Musk's Neuralink company, we might soon have the technology to connect to the Metaverse directly from our brains (“Full dive VR”) through a brain-computer interface (BCI). 

what is a Full dive VR?

“Full dive VR”–a term coined by the Japanese light novel Sword Art Online in 2009 and further popularized by movies like Ready Player One.

What does a computer brain interface? 

The brain-computer interface (BCI) is a technology that allows us to link our brains to computers. Such an interface can actually fulfill all of humanity's dreams; anyone will be a God of their metaverse, able to do anything they want. people diving inside the metaverse will be full immersed because all of their senses will be involved. 

Soon, we will all become avatars of ourselves. 

Get ready to be amazed as I take you on a journey into the future, where immortality is no longer just a dream but a reality. The Metaverse will revolutionize our way of living and change our perception of reality. It will enable us to buy and sell virtual properties, goods, and currencies, without any limitations imposed by the physical world.In the Metaverse, our consciousness will be uploaded to the cloud, allowing us to exist forever without aging.

Time will no longer restrict us, and we will have complete control over it, giving us the ability to travel through time as much as we desire.The possibilities in the Metaverse are endless, including the creation and exploration of new universes that we can choose to live in. We will be able to lead multiple lives, conquer death, and become eternal duplicates of ourselves. We can even raise our children there, giving up our physical bodies for a new virtual existence.

We will be able to purchase and sell virtual goods, properties, and even NFTs, all with virtual money. 

Some of us will store our consciousness in the cloud and live there forever without growing old. We could travel through time as much as we want and create universes to explore or live in.In summary, the Metaverse will transform our lives and offer us a new form of existence that we have never experienced before. It's a place where we can create and explore, conquer death and become eternal duplicates of ourselves. 

A Brief Look at Drake's Equations

The Drake equation, which attempts to estimate the number of stars in the universe capable of developing intelligent life, is one of the most intriguing questions in science. Based on calculations, we might have expected to have found intelligent life a long time ago.


so where is everyone?

Given the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), it is possible that intelligent beings have shifted towards simulating reality, eliminating the need for physical exploration of the universe.

With the capability to create parallel universes that are on par with reality, advanced life forms could potentially explore infinite worlds in the virtual metaverse, rendering the investigation of other worlds on other planets unnecessary. In fact, it raises the question of whether there is a significant difference between one reality and another when AI supercomputers can generate parallel universes indistinguishable from reality.

Let us conduct a brief thought experiment to explore the possibility of using simulated reality as a solution to the Drake equation. 

Imagine an advanced civilization living in a virtual reality for generations, but they ultimately destroy themselves, leaving behind only remnants of their culture. If a new civilization were to emerge in this virtual world, how could they possibly know of the existence of the previous civilization?

Furthermore, how could they determine if they themselves were living in a simulated reality?This example raises the possibility that our own reality could be a simulation, and that we may have forgotten this fact and rediscovered it repeatedly. 

The idea of everything existing in a superposition, both correct and incorrect simultaneously, is fascinating and makes life seem almost magical. It suggests that anything could exist in a parallel world within a vast metaverse.

There are still many unanswered questions, but every great story has a beginning and an end. Each answer opens up new questions, so please share your response or opinion on the subject until my next article. And, by the way, please keep an eye on Schrödinger's cat for me ;) 

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