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In Roblox, Nike debuts the 'Nikeland' experience.

Hello and welcome to Nikeland.

On Thursday, Nike unveiled a bespoke world in Roblox modeled after the company's global headquarters.

Many facets and aspects of the sportswear behemoth were shared with the virtual world. For starters, anyone can visit and experience Nike land for free; it also allows offline movement to be translated into game play (players could use their mobile device and bodies to perform long jumps).

Players can also take part in games like tag, dodgeball and “floor is lava” or design their own mini games, and players are rewarded with blue ribbons and gold medals for building their yard and finding Easter eggs. Medals can unlock virtual products for players’ avatars.

Nikeland is also a place where you can have real-life experiences. The company has a digital showroom where players can dress up their characters and see new releases like the Air Force 1 "Fontanka" and Air Max 2021 sneakers, as well as a special Roblox colorway of the Mercurial football boot. The company is also bringing the experience to its New York City House of Innovation store with a Snapchat lens that will turn a space in the store into an augmented reality experience.

Nike filed trademarks for its brand names, logos, and slogans just weeks before the incident. The filings sparked speculation that the company would enter the metaverse, prompting questions about how they would do so.

In 2019, Nike and Roblox collaborated for Air Max Day, giving players the chance to get an avatar bundle featuring three characters from Nike's Throwback Future Collection. The collaboration also honored Nike's Air Max 720 sneakers.

Meanwhile, Roblox has partnered with Gucci and Vans, demonstrating the publicly traded company's interest in fashion and pop culture, such as the Netflix show "Squid Game," which has inspired a new Roblox experience.

Amit Caesar wrote the article:

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