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07 Dec

I had a very hard time writing the article in front of you; I did not know where to start, so I decided to just start and write. 

Our world has reached a peak in 2020. We can define this point in time as the end of the familiar world or as a point when the world we knew collapsed rapidly. Since all the old systems are collapsing from all sides, I focused the article in front of you on my point of view and where I am from that perspective, focusing on the areas in which I am an expert.

In the year 2020, the corona virus struck when humanity was more vulnerable than ever before because of the recent technological revolution. When I refer to the last technological revolution, I'm referring to the one that occurred prior to the technological singularity. For those who are unaware, the most recent technological singularity is a revolution in which humanity creates artificial intelligence that is self-aware.

From the moment we create the artificial intelligence, humanity will cease to exist as a leading intelligence and in fact the entire human race will become inverted and primitive and will give way to consciousness that will soon make our very existence irrelevant. But, before all of this, there will be some preliminary steps to take.

One process that will happen before the technological singularity is the transition of some of humanity to live in virtual worlds. Humans will choose to live in any universe they want and for as long as they want. Giant commercial corporations or countries will dominate some of the virtual worlds and some will be open source and created by private individuals.

We will create more new virtual worlds at a much faster rate than the rate at which new websites are currently being uploaded to the web and because of the division of humans into different universes where laws and time behave differently. The people in the metaverse will develop new cultures that will not limit them to the current human perception of planet Earth and the collective reality we share today.

The sequel is coming soon ...

Amit Caesar wrote the article:

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