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26 Jan

AR Goggles transforms electronics for armed forces.

Soldiers in the modern military environment do not have clear access to maps, information, health scores, enemy locations, and other key relevant details. Instead, these group members need to always consult maps and tablets to avoid a verbal standoff.

The military wants to equip their soldiers with information they need in order to make better decisions. Noting this new functionality from Microsoft, it is impressive.

 In 2021, experts believe the Army will have brought about 40,000 I.V.A.S into the field.

The IVAS system allows people to be aware of incoming dangers from the soldier's perspective. This is happening because of the Land Warrior system that is too heavy and difficult to carry.
Going to war.

The success of the IVAS platform comes from its functions. This app is popular in the marketplace, mainly because of its amazing features. That HoloLens has had previous issues with limited field of view and lacking performance. The HoloLens 2 offers a mixed reality head mounted display and the Intelligent Virtual Assisted Systems (IVAS) extend that functionality further.

In order to create a certain unique solution, Microsoft had to use a four-iteration development process, each iteration adding new functionality and all testing for user experience. The third iteration is currently still under development, with the fourth expected iteration soon. Also, this device will include a range of tools, such as night vision and thermal sensors. It will also include targeting tools to assist users in their collection of intelligence. Future for "What's New at Microsoft" includes several language translation and 3D mapping features.

The 2011 arrival of the AR solution marks a significant change in the traditionally clumsy approach to the goal of the Army for developing crucial systems. Usually by the time the army gets involved in a project, things are considerably more advanced than ones that are originally available to consumers. The IVAS allows soldiers to be more agile and nimble in developing new products, making them relevant for society.

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The Army is continuing to build and test of the latest version of the IVAS, which promises that soldiers of the future have a powerful set of tools to use in future conflicts. With this technology, we cannot have access to crucial information on the battlefield, but we will have our troops safely as well. The future soldier program could radically change the way the army plans its 

operations, making it much easier to preserve life for soldiers.

It's impressive how fast the army has developed the system, and how they have brought the system into test mode. The military sector has finally explored alternative ways of bringing innovative opportunities into the world of battle before this tool can become outdated.

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