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The Best VR Games of 2024: A Must-Play List

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is an upcoming action-adventure game from Skydance Interactive, the studio behind The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. The game is set in a frozen, post-apocalyptic world where players take on the role of a diseased wanderer who must survive against the elements, deadly warriors, and towering behemoths.

Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR: Embody the Elite Marksman in Immersive Virtual Reality Experience the thrill of the hunt like never before in Sniper Elite VR, a heart-pounding virtual reality take on the acclaimed Sniper Elite series. Developed by Just Add Water and Rebellion Developments, this game drops you into the boots of an Italian resistance fighter during World War II, tasked with liberating your homeland from fascist occupiers.

Madison VR

Prepare for a Dive into Psychological Horror's Abyss Brace yourself for a descent into the chilling world of Madison VR, a first-person psychological horror game that's set to send shivers down your spine. Developed by Bloodious Games, this terrifying title revamps the critically acclaimed Madison for virtual reality, plunging you deeper than ever into its unsettling narrative and disturbing gameplay.

Arken Age VR 

is an upcoming action-adventure game set in a terraformed fantasy world created by the Grand Arborist. Players take on the role of a brave adventurer who must explore the Bio-Chasm, a vast and dangerous land filled with creatures of myth and legend. 

Mannequin VR

Face the Unblinking Terror in Asymmetrical Stealth Warfare Get ready for a heart-pounding game of cat and mouse in Mannequin VR, an innovative 2vs3 asymmetrical multiplayer title that pits flesh against frozen fear. Developed by Fast Travel Games, Mannequin VR puts you on either side of a chilling conflict: are you a human Agent, wielding high-tech gadgets to neutralize alien threats, or a Mannequin, an alien infiltrator posing as a lifeless statue, ready to strike silently in the blink of an eye?

Stranger Things VR

Unfortunately, as of October 26, 2023, Stranger Things VR still hasn't been officially released, despite initial announcements for a November 30, 2023 launch on Quest. The developers, Tender Claws, released a statement mentioning a delay and a "very near future" release date, but haven't provided specifics yet.

Here's what we know so far:

Platforms: Meta Quest, PlayStation VR 2, Steam VR


Ah, UNDERDOGS VR! This roguelike mech brawler just launched on January 25th, 2024, and it's already making waves in the VR community. Here's the lowdown on what makes it such a thrilling ride: 

Into The Radius VR

Ah, Into the Radius VR, a game that throws you into the surreal depths of the Pechorsk Radius Zone. Prepare for a thrilling and unforgiving survival shooter experience unlike any other! Here's why this post-apocalyptic VR adventure has left players captivated.

The article was written by Amit Caesar and Bard

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