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Rec Room’s Full-body Avatars to Launch in March

Get ready to ditch your bean-shaped shackles, Rec Roomers! By March, you'll be trading in those adorable, gravity-defying blobs for full-blown, limb-tastic avatars that'll have you high-fiving, fist-pumping, and air-guitaring your way through the virtual world.That's right, Rec Room is rolling out full-body avatars in beta, opening up a whole new dimension of social VR.

Imagine strutting into your favorite hangouts with arms, legs, and fingers – all perfectly mirroring your real-life movements.No need to fear, bean enthusiasts! You can still rock your classic floating form. Think of full-body avatars as an optional upgrade, a chance to unlock your inner VR superhero. And veterans get first dibs on this epic transformation. By March, level 50 players will be pioneers, testing the waters and providing crucial feedback to shape the future of Rec Room. 

Lower-level heroes, fear not, your turn will come soon!And it doesn't stop there. Rec Room plans to bring full-body tracking, letting your virtual limbs become extensions of your own. Imagine throwing punches in Rec Room's paintball arenas, giving virtual hugs to your long-distance bestie, or mastering epic guitar solos in Rec Room's music rooms – all with unparalleled realism.Finger tracking is also on the horizon, adding a whole new layer of expressiveness.

Flip the bird to your VR nemesis, air-quotes your way through a heated debate, or simply give a thumbs-up for a job well done. The possibilities are endless!So, Rec Roomers, prepare yourselves. The era of the bean is waning, and a new age of fully realized, expressive avatars dawns. March can't come soon enough!

The article was written by Amit Caesar and bard

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