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12 Nov

The highly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 4 for virtual reality is finally available on Oculus Quest 2. The game was first announced last week by Capcom and Facebook Reality Labs, and it has been eagerly awaited by fans of the classic horror game.The Resident Evil 4 VR remake is a first-person adaptation of the 2005 third-person game, and it has been designed to take full advantage of the Oculus Quest 2's capabilities.

The game features stunning new graphics and animations, as well as new VR-friendly locomotion options such as the ability to teleport or walk around a room-scale environment.Players will also be able to physically pick up weapons and items from the environment, and they can equip each hand with a unique weapon. The game's enemies will also attack in a first-person combat-oriented manner.The Resident Evil 4 VR remake is sure to be a must-have for any fan of the series. It's a chance to experience one of the greatest horror games of all time in a whole new way.

Here are some of the key features of the Resident Evil 4 VR remake:

  • Fully immersive first-person perspective
  • Newly-rendered graphics and environments
  • Touch controls for interacting with the world
  • Motion controls for aiming and shooting
  • Room-scale support
  • Two-handed weapon support
  • First-person combat-oriented enemy attacks

The Resident Evil 4 VR remake is available now on the Oculus Quest 3.

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