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One of the most popular virtual reality workout applications has just improved.

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VR fitness platform Supernatural this week received a major update that improves the overall experience by introducing new features designed to help you create the perfect workout plan. This includes marathon workouts, dance parties, trending workouts, and new filters that allow you to more easily browse Supernatural’s massive library of 500+ workouts.

This new facelift will make it easier for you to find workouts that target specific muscles groups. Maybe you need a straight-up cardio routine to help work off that double cheeseburger you had at lunch, or perhaps you want to blow off some steam with one of Dwana’s tougher full-body workouts. These new filters make browsing easy, allowing you to search by workout, song genre, trainer, or workout duration in a way that is much more intuitive and social. You can discover new routines on your Quest headset or by using the free companion app available on iOS and Android.

In the official press release, Supernatural’s Head of Fitness Leanne Pedanta said, “Everyone’s fitness journey is unique. You might have a specific taste in music, a specific coach you connect with, or a level of intensity that matches your goals for the day. With Supernatural 3.0, we’ve made it even easier to find the perfect workouts for you no matter where you are in your fitness journey,” Pedenta adds, “This makes staying consistent with your fitness routine that much more fun, joyful and satisfying.”

Even with its ginormous catalog of heart-pumping VR workouts lead by expert coaches, impressive library of instantly recognizable music from major record labels, immersive meditation and stretch sessions, and breathtaking in-game environments set all around the world, the team behind Supernatural felt that it was time to improve their global VR gym experience even further. And thanks to a growing community of players from around the world, you aren’t alone in your fitness struggles. A global leaderboard is prominently displayed on the main page to show you who’s dominating the charts. It’s like having a gym filled with people from all around the world readily available at all times! You can also see what’s trending in the Supernatural community and even save a workout playlist for later. 

  • Browse Hand-Curated Collections: find the Supernatural Community’s favorite workouts grouped into carousels that make discovering them a breeze. 
  • Trending will connect you to the most popular workouts of the week. 
  • Target Muscle Groups will enable you to easily find workouts that build strength in your lower body, upper body, or core.
  • Picks will show you the favorite workouts in each level of intensity.
  • Monster Marathon groups all of Supernatural’s longest workouts into a single list for days you’re feeling up for an endurance challenge. 
  • Start a Dance Party drives you to workouts that will get you grooving and connecting to the beat while you sweat.
  • Quickly Search Using Powerful Filters: navigate the vast workout library by selecting your favorite genres of music, coaches, intensity level, and duration instantly. There’s no better way to get to a list of workouts that suit your specific mood and needs that day. 

All the little things we love: 

  • Find what’s new fast: new workouts, meditations, and stretch sessions are grouped in “New Today” in the Home Menu.
  • Check out playlists while you browse: the new Detail View allows you to quickly check out track lists as you browse the library. 
  • Explore the beauty of Norway: Supernatural’s new home environment is Sennesvik, Norway. Members will find themselves immersed in lush greenery, a gorgeous mountainscape, and beautiful sunset every time they open Supernatural.

One thing to keep in mind: like the real-world gym membership, you will need a VR gym membership to enjoy these perks. Memberships start a $15 a month and come with the following benefits: 

  • New workouts daily
  • Stunning workout destinations
  • Motivating coaches
  • Popular music
  • Free profiles for family members and roommates
  • Free sports liner for your Oculus Quest headset

There is also a 30-day free trial option if you just want to check it out first.Supernatural’s new 3.0 update is available now on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 

The article was written by Amit Caesar.

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