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Top Upcoming Oculus, Valve Index, Vive, & PSVRR VR Games of 2021

1. Hitman 3 Threesome - vr Games of 2021
For the Hitman fans, an unlikely declaration. In virtual reality, the last chapter of the world's greatest assassin is now fully playable. Not only that, to help VR, all three Hitman titles now reconstructed. That means all 20 or more places can now explored and experienced in an entirely another way through all three games. They will release exclusively it for the PlayStation VR in January 2021.

2. Panzer Dragoon: On PC and PS4 Voyage Record - vr Games of 2021
In Virtual Reality, a fragment of a bygone rail-shooter age makes a comeback. During the 90s, SEGA's Panzer Dragoon series once captured players' hearts and now in this dramatic VR shooter they get to relive the experience once again. The trailer unveiled the franchise's fresh but familiar gameplay, and unexpectedly, Voyage Record will be a collection of their three games, namely Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and Panzer Dragoon Saga RPG. It's still in progress and next year it will be available for the PC, PS4 and select VR computers.

3. Wraith: The Forgetfulness - Afterlife - vr Games of 2021
The horror genre is a canvas of limitless possibilities for VR. The project of Fast Travel Games lets players become an object of horror itself. They navigate a twisted mansion like a wraith, devoid of pure souls. To solve puzzles and unlock the secrets concealed within its walls, players can use a range of spectral skills. They set the game inside the universe of World of Darkness. It is narrative-driven, despite its frightening elements, with a first-person viewpoint based on discovery and stealth. Its doors will open for the PC and PS4 in early 2021.

4. Following The Dropping - vr Games of 2021
Vertigo Games' forthcoming IP is also moving VR to its capacity. An adrenaline-pumping co-op FPS set for 20 years in the future comes from the developers of Arizona Sunshine. They put up to 4 players in a living world full of doom and gloom after The Fall. Coordinate with other players using VR and avoid a legion of mutated monsters from taking over this frozen wasteland by using VR. Customize load outs and for some big firepower, find the perfect mod. This is arriving in early 2021 for the PC.

5. Phasmophobicity - vr Games of 2021
The most recent gaming phenomenon that has dominated game charts. this Kinetic Games first-person virtual-reality game is not just a patience exercise, but friendship as well. Reach decrepit areas teeming with abnormal, supernatural energy as a community of amateur paranormal investigators. The primary aim is to capture as much paranormal activity as possible without disturbing the lives of the crew. 

That implies interacting with the dead and putting cameras in strategic positions. It's still in its Early Access period, so once the game fully released for the PC next year, there's still more content coming.

6. Sniper VR Elite - vr Games of 2021
If Rebellion's acclaimed Sniper game's third-person gameplay doesn't feel enough, then this version of Virtual Reality might do the trick. Players assume the role of a master marksman determined to overthrow a totalitarian dictatorship to the ground, just like the previous entries... by popping their heads in satisfying X-Ray kill shots. It's pretty simple, but the fun comes from planning from its long list of expectations for the perfect execution. It's set to be published next year at some point.

7. Engine for Space - vr Games of 2021
In this Virtual Reality title from Vladimir Romanyuk, space enthusiasts will finally enjoy the stars in the comfort of their own home. Using the laws of physics and most importantly, with the VR gear, manipulate all of time and space. It is a practical planetarium intended to teach the workings of the universe to young scientists. It may be theoretical much of the time, but the infinite possibilities of seeing these moving bodies are a pleasure to behold. It's been on Steam's Early Access for quite a while now, but it's expected to be released next year.

8. the myst  - vr Games of 2021

9. The Strong Eighth - vr Games of 2021
An upcoming war-game from the classic Simulation title developers from the 80s and 90s. Take charge, all recreated with exquisite precision, of legendary warplanes such as B-17s and Me-109s. The ambitious leap into VR territory by MicroProse places players in the cockpit along with 10 other players in cooperative bombing missions set at the height of World War 2. For non-VR matches, without wearing the costly headgear, the game is entirely playable. It's set to be published next year at some point.

10. Force Blunt - vr Games of 2021
Speaking of World War 2, another VR title set during the darkest age of history is coming for the PC next year. With an action-packed campaign focused on two overlapping stories, the game promises a rich narrative. They filled it with epic set-pieces that could contend with titles from Triple A, except that Virtual-Reality is all over. It's part shooter, part arcade fun, which gives players the option of going gun-blazing or enjoying simple challenges of shooting.

11. Chronicles: The Soul Keeper: - vr Games of 2021
There's no denying that there is still untapped potential for Virtual Reality, and this ambitious HELM Systems RPG could scratch the surface. Players embark on unique open-world scenarios spanning three separate single-player campaigns, set in a dark fantasy world. They can also determine whether, with or without VR, they want to play. It is still in early stages, so what we are seeing is subject to change right now. Who knows what the endgame object is going to look like. It's slated for release in 2021.

12. Wingman project - vr Games of 2021
These days, a combat-flight action game is nothing new, but the forthcoming VR title of Sector D2 looks promising. Project Wingman brings us into an alternative future where dogfights have left much of the mark in the world instead of using regular World War 2 warplanes. Each of these flying metallic monsters fitted with their own futuristic weapons with a range of supersonic jet planes and more. The game is still being developed and will be published next year.

13. PC and PS4 Firmaments - vr Games of 2021
The other upcoming VR title by Cyan Studios is as creative as the rest of their catalogue. It's set in the Myst universe shared by Cyan and, as usual, it's brimming with a rich atmosphere. Firmament adds a little clockwork companion on their journey, unlike its previous games where players ride alone. Collaborate to unlock the mysteries of this strange new planet. The game is far from done and needs more funding for its Kickstarter campaign. This supposed to come out in 2022, but for a 2021 date, the developers remain optimistic.

14. Sam & Max: It's Virtual This Time - vr Games of 2021
As a Virtual Reality game, the classic crime-fighting duo is making a comeback. It's the right forum for these anthropomorphic characters' comic adventures. Particularly now that in Virtual Reality, most quirky titles from the old days fare better. As of the moment, there is still not enough information to share, and it has been a while since players enjoyed a Sam & Max vr title. It's slated for release in 2021.

A fifteen. About Tin Hearts - vr Games of 2021.
This adorable VR game, an Early Access title since 2018, designed for simplicity and fun. Direct a group of tin soldiers to the world of miniature toys. To make their journey smoother, monitor the surrounding setting. In charming puzzle encounters, follow them as they march their way to new platforms. This is a game made for little kids, or for anyone who wants to relax after a hard day's work. It's scheduled to officially published for the PC next year, but that's still subject to change.

Virtual Reality, Augmented and Artificial Intelligence 2021 specialist Amit Caesar wrote the article.
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