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19 Nov

Why VR Enthusiasts Are So Excited for Black Friday
Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, and it's a great opportunity to save money on a variety of products, including virtual reality headsets. VR enthusiasts are especially excited about Black Friday, as it's a chance to get their hands on the latest and greatest VR headsets at a fraction of the price.

There are a few reasons why VR enthusiasts are so excited about Black Friday. First, VR headsets are relatively expensive. The base model of the Oculus Quest 2, for example, costs around $2,990. Black Friday deals can save VR enthusiasts hundreds of dollars on the purchase of a VR headset, making them more accessible to a wider range of people.

Best Meta Quest Black Friday deals of 2023:

BEST HEADSET DEALMeta Quest 2 (128 GB) + Carrying Case Bundle$304.94 at Amazon (save $55.03)

BEST ACCESSORY DEALBOBOVR M2 Pro Battery Pack Head Strap for Meta Quest 2$49.99 at Amazon (save $20)

Second, VR headsets are a relatively new technology, and their prices are expected to drop over time. Black Friday is a great opportunity to get a VR headset at a relatively low price before the prices drop even further.

Third, VR headsets offer an exceptional gaming experience. They allow gamers to step into the game and feel like they are part of it. Black Friday deals can make the VR gaming experience more accessible to a wider range of gamers.
In Israel, there are a number of online stores and international websites that offer deals on VR headsets on Black Friday. Among these stores and websites are Amazon, eBay, KSP, and TheMarker.

VR enthusiasts who want to get their hands on a VR headset on Black Friday are encouraged to start researching articles and guides on the best deals. In addition, they are encouraged to sign up for newsletters from online stores and international websites that offer deals on VR headsets in order to receive updates on new deals.

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