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10 Sep

virtual reality movies that you must see:

  • Crow: The Legend (2019): This movie is a VR experience that takes you inside the world of the Crow. You'll fly through the city, fight enemies, and experience the power of the Crow firsthand.

  • The Martian VR Experience (2016): This movie puts you in the shoes of Mark Watney, the astronaut who was stranded on Mars. You'll explore the red planet, grow potatoes, and try to survive until rescue arrives.

  • Apollo 11 VR (2019): This movie takes you on a journey to the moon. You'll experience the launch of Apollo 11, the landing on the moon, and the first steps on the lunar surface.

  • The Call of the Void (2019): This movie is a psychological thriller that explores the fear of heights. You'll find yourself standing on the edge of a cliff, looking down at the ground far below.

The Book of Distance VR
Another film that you might want to watch that is in the quarantine is "The Book of Distance". The short film, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, combines showing images of real-world objects with computer-generated ones. There is a virtual space, but you can interact with things within it. In short, you can use your senses to examine and experience things.

With the world being more and more racially diverse, more inclusive in economic terms, and increasingly addressing related gender-related issues, we need to do more to empathize with others today. Randall Okita's film about his Japanese grandfather's life and immigration to Canada offers the chance to reflect on the world's most pressing issues, such as equality and how everyone can help those in need.

The Everest VR
If you missed knowing about Everest at FIVARS last year, there is absolutely no better time to watch it. Travel with your friend Jon Griffith, together in Bhutan, on your adventure of climbing the world's highest mountain. Go down the extremely dangerous climb down Everest without bottled oxygen.

Forgotten Kiss vr

The Finnish short film Forgotten Kiss debuted at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. A retelling of Alexander Kuprin’s Russian fairytale, it follows the story of a royal prince who once kissed by a magical fairy. He grew up yearning to fill an incomprehensible void that was the fairy’s forgotten kiss. 

Virtual Reality is a holed-up thing.
There has been a dramatic rise in virtual reality applications in the recent past. While immersive experiences provide grand entertainment, they are being made accessible to a wider audience during these trying times. In the next article, we will review this study from Italy, which illustrates that virtual reality can effectively help people cope with stress and isolation while in quarantine. Return to a more relaxed place that also makes you feel peaceful, such as a video game or a program on TV.

Virtual Reality provides us with a place where we can reflect on our current situation. Aside from films, there are plenty of virtual reality (VR) experiences that can help you remain sane under quarantine. It schedules the Venice International Film Festival to take place in September, so you'll have new VR films to watch by the end of the year.

While the lockdowns go on, and the American people are suffering from such anxieties about the pandemic, it becomes increasingly important to learn how to cope with the daily anxieties caused by the pandemic. The above mentioned society is definitely struggling with these tough times, a factor that has pushed them to find alternative methods of remaining joyful.

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