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Apple Vision Pro Knockoffs: The Race to AR Supremacy Is On

Apple, the tech titan known for its trendsetting design and hefty price tags, has always attracted imitators. But CES 2024 witnessed a twist: the unveiling of a knock-off not long after the original! Prepare for a tech showdown, complete with copycat claims and a hefty price tag that might inspire even more clones.The culprit? EmdoorVR's EM-AX162, a headset bearing an uncanny resemblance to the yet-to-be-released Apple Vision Pro.

This doppelganger was spotted at CES, mere months after Vision Pro took the world by storm.It's no secret that Vision Pro packs a punch: dual Apple Silicon chips, dual microOLED displays sharper than any 4K TV, a symphony of sensors, and a battery that keeps the party going for over two hours. The EM-AX162, while not a spec sheet champion, certainly borrows liberally from Apple's design playbook.This isn't EmdoorVR's first rodeo in the imitation game.

Their past creations, inspired by Pico 4 and Oculus Go, suggest a penchant for borrowing aesthetics. But the Vision Pro copycat raises the stakes, injecting a dose of controversy into the already heated AR market.With Vision Pro's February 2nd launch and a $3,500 price tag, one thing's certain: the EM-AX162 is just the first apple to fall from the copycat tree. Buckle up, folks, because the AR wars are about to get interesting.