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VR Walking-System

You can now step into your games like never before with Cybershoes, a VR accessory that allows you to literally walk and run through virtual reality. The Cybershoes are strapped directly onto your feet, and as you are seated in a Cyberchair, you’re ready to begin your VR adventure.

The Cybershoes are compatible with any VR game, and function with SteamVR, the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, the Quest via Oculus Link, Virtual Desktop and Oculus store games, Windows Mixed Reality, and Pimax.

Users can access new games just by creating their own game settings but Cybershoes does provide a list of more than 50 games... (that are already fully tested and supported by the developers)

With the Cybershoes at your feet, all of your moments are controlled by your own physical movement, so you can walk alongside giants through snow-covered canyons, ramble through battlefields set alight with dragon fire, or charge into abandoned cities to eradicate the mutant hordes as if you were actually there.

"CES Innovation Award 2020 awarded by the Consumer Technology Association"


Finally, you can step into the game. Meet Cybershoes

Your room is small but the world of VR is endless and you want to enjoy and explore it. Very often, moving with the joystick makes people sick.

You want to be in the game and become one with your game character but you are limited to the joystick and the couch. Our idea is simple: you need swivel chair, your Cybershoes and full immersion can start.

Do we share the same childhood dream to enter the television? Now you actually can! With Cybershoes on your feet, it is not about a third or first-person game experience. It is about getting in the boots of your favorite game character.

Cybershoes is a high-end locomotion solution for a home that lets you feel like being in an arcade.

Are you Ready Player One?

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Cybershoes Technology

You can use Cybershoes with your these VR Headsets:

HTC Vive, HTC Wireless adapter, HTC Vive Pro, HTC Vive Pro Eyes, HTC Vive Focus with Riftcat, Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest with Virtual Desktop or Link cable, Pimax, all Windows Mixed Reality Headsets: Samsung Odyssey+, Acer WMR, Lenovo WMR, Dell Visor, Medion WMR

Activity Tracking: Users can now track their physical activity while using the Cybershoes and determine the distance of their virtual journeys.

Steam VR: Thanks to the new treadmill support software from Valve, Cybershoes now integrates optimally with SteamVR for a more immersive experience. Download software from Steam and step into VR.

More Uses Beyond Gaming -- The Cybershoes benefits go beyond gaming as it can be employed in training and planning for industrial facilities, physical rehab programs for the elderly, and architecture and construction previews.

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Easy Setup + 360 degrees freedom

The calibration and linking to your VR rig is simple and getting ready to play is as easy as sitting in your 360 degrees Cyberchair and strapping on the Cybershoes to your feet.

No more VR Sickness

While the users’ legs are moving and their head is bouncing in movement that resembles real walking, Cybershoes can significantly reduce motion sickness.


The seated position makes it impossible to pick up things from the ground. That's why we came up with Z-scaling. Then you can actually reach the virtual ground and fully duck when needed.

Plus: the eye-height can be calibrated on the fly.

Fitness - Active Gaming

Burn Calories by playing your favorite games.

A low stress and impact experience allows you to exercise while you play.

Activity Tracking

Motivation through achievements