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10 Mar

Now that Apple Vision Pro is landing on the heads of eager consumers across the USA, it’s time for VR porn fans to dip their toes into the deeply immersive experience the device provides.Apple Vision Pro may be more expensive than many other VR headset,s but it promises a premium viewing experience. 

Apple Vision Pro anti-porn update

Whenever Apple has attempted to stand in the way of consenting adults enjoying pornographic content made by consenting adults on Apple devices, someone, somewhere, steps in to make sure that where there is a will, there is a way. Apple Vision Pro may have blocked VR and AR porn use upon launch, but there was no doubt that this obstacle would be overcome quickly.Apple disabled Safari’s ability to play porn content in VR on its Vision Pro at launch, a first for a company that has until now only explicitly blocked adult apps and services, not browser-based web content. While Vision Pro users were able to watch 2D porn from such services as PornHub and RedTube, immersive VR viewing of porn was cock-blocked.

A workaround quickly assembled using Safari and WebXR only requires a Vision Pro user to follow these easy steps using the VRPorn.com streaming player. This workaround works for videos up to 4K resolution.

  1. Enable WebXR features by first entering Vision Pro’s Settings menu.
  2. Then head to Apps > Safari > Advanced > Feature Flags.
  3. There, enable WebXR Device API, WebXR Augmented Reality Module, WebXR Hand Inputs module, and WebXR Gamepads Module.
  4. Play the video (4K Max Resolution).

Enjoy the vr porn on your Apple Vision Pro, and keep an eye on this guide for further developments. VRPORN

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