Meet Echo Frames - Glasses with open-ear audio and hands-free access to Alexa. Just ask Alexa - Make calls, set reminders, add to your to-do lists, get the news, listen to podcasts, or control your smart home from anywhere. Open-ear audio - Echo Frames direct sound to your ears while minimizing what others can hear. Plus, they can adjust volume based on the noise level of your environment. VIP Filter - Customize which notifications to receive from the contacts and apps on your phone that matter to you. All-day wear - Echo Frames are lightweight, splash-resistant, and compatible with most prescription lenses. Battery life - Get over 2 hours of talk time, Alexa interactions, and media playback over a 14-hour day. Or, up to 4 hours of nonstop listening on a full charge. Does even more - Supports access to Google Assistant and Siri from a compatible device. Designed to protect your privacy - Microphones are designed to respond to the voice of the person wearing the frames and turn off with the double-press of a button. We want you to know Echo Frames require a compatible Android or iOS smartphone and the Alexa app for connectivity, and use your existing smartphone data plan. Carrier charges may apply. Check if your smartphone is compatible with Echo Frames. Echo Frames do not include prescription lenses. Check with your preferred eyewear professional and share these instructions to get prescription lenses for your frames. Prescription lenses can also be fulfilled at any local LensCrafters location. Battery life is optimized for everyday Alexa use. Long periods of playback, like music streaming, will drain the battery more quickly.