Experience the world around you with the Lynx R1 Pro AR/MR glasses. The first of its kind. True Mixed Reality. An amazing VR headset, which also happens to be the best AR headset. Privacy by design. No Facebook account. No Microsoft Azure cloud required. Data sovereignty is back! Open platform. Raw data from the sensors available through the SDK. Total control over your workflows.

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Batterylife Cooling Upto3hoursofactiveuse Active Power Wi-Fi6(802.11ax) 5.0 USBType-C Wi-Fi Bluetooth USB Connectivity Qualcomm®Snapdragon™XR2Gen1 8GBLPDDR5 128GB,extensiblewithmicroSDcard Android12,Unity3D,OpenXR SoC Memory Storage SoftwarePlatform ProcessingSystem 6DoFtracking Handtracking SLAMwithworldanchors PoweredbyUltraleap Tracking 2stereospeakers 2channels 3.5mmTRRSJack Speakers Microphonearray Audioconnector Audio 2B&W cameras 2IRcameras 2visiblelightcameras Accelerometer,gyroscope Positionaltracking Handtracking RGBCameras IMU Sensors 4-foldcatadioptricfreeform prism Dual1600x1600LCD@90Hz 90°(circular)/18(withsuperresolution) Optics Resolution FoV/PPD Display LYNX-R1Technicalspecifications