What will 2020 look like in virtual reality?

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Hi everybody, my name is Larry Singul, I've come from the future and right now I've come to answer some of the most important questions.

The questions that answer them are about virtual reality and "true reality," technical singularity and quantity theory, and how not in the Corona virus and the present age's unparalleled global crisis?

To read on the singularity of technology.

One of the questions that comes right now to your mind is, what do you mean I came from the future? So, just briefly.

Since I've been a little kid I've existed in imagination, it turns out I have a lot of imagination, with the imagination I've seen in the future and several times in the past, I have the opportunity to see where things are going and I expect to share what I know with you.

I had been planning for technical singularity for a decade, the singularity would arrive when it was in the late 1930s according to the minds of the field leaders.

Based on my analysis and compilation of the huge BIG DATA data puzzle that exists in endless fields, I set the 2029 date for technological singularity, it's important to note that due to the Corona crisis, I estimate that the technological singularity will arrive in 2027 or sooner, the Corona crisis has accelerated the inevitable.

Due to the crisis, quantity computers have made big investments and including technology companies and AR \ VR (virtual reality and mix reality companies) are getting a big boost, the process towards singularity has never been so fast, it is important to note that we are at a high point, we have passed the point where we could still stop.

In a nutshell: A quantum computer is in no way identical to a classic computer, so we suggest reading on quantum computers separately so as not to complicate the post.

In an age where isolation has become commonplace, many find that the virtual reality glasses of today are in no way identical to those of virtual reality that existed just two years ago.

New users of advanced virtual reality glasses including: Oculus Search, Oculus Ace, Cosmos, VELVE and the like, discover that while they were busy, new realms and worlds were constantly being created into which all possibilities existed.

What are the uses in the Corona days that can be realized in virtual and laminated reality?

Nowadays you can do sports and watch sports like you are there in virtual reality glasses, sit in the cinema if more people go there in the fields of virtual, education, gaming, movies, internet and more.

Significant Note: Virtual reality can't be explained, will try. Even if you watch web videos of virtual reality, it's not that close, your screen is two-dimensional and 3D, you've got to try to understand that.

This is a small portion of the uses that will be launched for use in Israel and around the world in the coming year, using virtual and laminated reality technology:

Learning Distance in a virtual classroom

Lab meetings

Virtual stores and e-commerce spaces

Virtual and leisure tours

Progressive simulations

Issue with all vehicles or aviation licenses online

Migrant Material

Events and conferences

Medical Operations and Treatments

Armed forces and Security

Capital and Economics

Let's sum up things a little bit by now:

We are on the road to technological singularity, there is no stoppage, technology is advancing faster and faster in every area and I suggest that you adapt rapidly to changes and not wait to get used to them.

I know I've touched on a lot of things here, I'll answer more questions soon, you can have fun asking me what you want by email: klnuou2019@gmail.com and I promise to reply.

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