Welcome to your new reality Facebook horizon 2021

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Oh, explore. Uh, play. Uh, build. Together. Together.
Welcome to Horizon, a social experience where, in incredible ways, you can discover, play and develop. You're not just a tourist here at Horizon. You're part of what makes it magical.

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Not only can you experience virtual worlds as they expand and evolve on Facebook Horizon, but you can discover all kinds of new things that interest you and encourage you.
FIND YOUR Inspiration
Explore what motivates you and bring to life your creations. You can build them at Horizon, whether it's new worlds, special cultures, enjoyable events, or interesting activities.
Connect in order to solve puzzles, play team sports, test the creativity, and create new worlds together with people from all over the world.
EXPLORE WORLDS that are emerging
With extraordinary creations made by the group, Horizon is constantly growing. You will learn something different each time you visit.
Explore Changing Environments Discover Your InspirationDefy Distance

Act Play
Meet up for fun challenges, immerse yourself in new adventures, and play together through all the worlds of Horizon. No matter what you're into, you will find it on Horizon on Facebook.
Join Fun Contests
Enjoy cooperative challenges or get your mates together for a team-based contest. To keep you on your toes, there are plenty of multiplayer games here.
You can select things that cater to your style of play, with so much to explore, whether it's mastering puzzles, hanging with friends or building your own worlds.
Operating as a team
For cooperation and connection, Horizon is constructed. To solve puzzles, take on obstacles, and explore infinite possibilities together, you can team up with others.
Play Your WayWork as a team in fun contests

At Horizon, anyone can imagine, design and build. Our intuitive tools are easy to pick up and understand, but for those who want to master them, they provide challenge and depth.
Bring to life your unique vision with Horizon's powerful tools for drag and drop. You can expand your full potential here, whether you're an accomplished developer or just starting out.
IMMERSIVE Perceptions in Architecture
Creations range from the creation of 3D structures with a collection of shapes and tools to the development of elaborate multiplayer games and immersive visual scripting experiences.
It's easy to stay linked with the Horizon group with intuitive discovery and distribution methods. With others, you can create, share your progress and see new creations.
Unleash your imagination Collaborate, share & inspire immersive experiences
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