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11 Aug

interactive projector game
system that makes entertainment lively,
hygienic, educational, and above all,
a ton of fun.

a world leader in interactive technology, an award-winning gaming solution that turns any physical space to an immersive, active and highly addictive gaming experience for kids ages 2 and up. With thousands of installations all over the world,  provides great entertainment for kids, driving active, healthy and social engagement. interactive projector is currently installed at hundred of Burger Kings, KFCs, and more.

Our interactive projector provides an optimal audio
experience with unmatched performance. Built using the
very latest technology and equipped with a dedicated
control keyboard, the custom interactive floor games
in our extensive library come to life with razor-sharp
colors and rapid responses to movement.


Kids run, jump and

pounce to victory with

interactive floor projection.


Team up and play in a

fun-filled social environment


All you need is a blank

space to create your own

interactive walls, floors, tables.


Hassle-free: nothing to break,

clean up or maintain 

Affordable plans
to fit your budget

Interactive wall games, floor games, or table games can be a reality for your business. Get in touch for a quote.

interactive games

200+ game library

Choose from a wide range of interactive content. Life size adventure, memory, education, and sports games for kids of all ages. Create indoor games with interactive effects for a life size video game experience. 

For a quotecall us: 972+0558876899

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