VR: Teases, 'Pokemon GO'

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30 Mar

Niantic CEO John Hanke teased a see-through headset the company is apparently working on today, following a prototype demonstration of Pokemon GO running on HoloLens 2 earlier this month.

It's difficult to tell what we're looking at just by looking at the photo. While many people will assume an AR headset, the device could also be smart glasses.

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We're almost certainly looking at a waveguide display if this is a proper AR headset (with head-tracking and a reasonably wide field of view), as the bird-bath optics we see in devices like Nreal's headset would be much bulkier.

However, these could be simple smart glasses with a small field of view for basic data display and no head-tracking, focusing on HUD-like functions.

It's also possible that, like Snapchat's Spectacles, this device doesn't have a display at all and solely focused on video capture.

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