VR Haptic wearables free Guide

1 min read
23 Sep

Haptic wearables come in many shapes and sizes, from full-body suits to hand-worn gloves and fingertip-only thimbles. We love learning more about these devices and sharing our expertise with anyone interested in #vr, #ar and #haptics. That's why we have created a #Guide to VR haptic gloves and made it really fun and engaging. Everything is explained through storyboards, so you can enjoy learning the most important market insights and use cases from various industries.

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The power of touch is profound. Research has shown that realistic haptic interactions with virtual objects decrease the amount of mistakes made compared to traditional virtual reality training. In this guide, you will discover VR haptics through narrative storyboards.

Download and learn:

  • Market insights: types of haptic gloves
  • Clear use cases: from manufacturing research and tele-robotics to machine learning and design evaluation
  • Industry leaders’ experience with haptics
  • Ways to create your own VR haptic project


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