Vive Preparing For A Hardware Unveiling

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05 Mar

Something's going on in Vive. The company's official Twitter account has uploaded a photo of what appears to be Vive's live icon on what looks like some plastic surface with the message "this is your step".

What does the company imply? In reality, the Taiwanese company has had a relatively quiet year since the launch of the Cosmos virtual reality glasses version in March 2020. Around that time, the company announced Cosmos Play, a less expensive version of the Cosmos that has since shelved. However, our Project Proton idea for small virtual reality glasses caught our attention.

To achieve its smaller size, Proton employs micro-monitors, and HTC last year unveiled two versions of the device. They designed one to connect to the phone via cable or even stream VR content over 5G in the future, while the other connects to the phone via cable or even streams virtual reality content over 5G in the future. EMEA CEO Graham Wheeler told us earlier this year that he expects "two-in-one" devices to become more popular by 2021.

Is it possible that the company is launching new cosmos virtual reality glasses or other virtual reality glasses maybe even augmented reality glasses? I know that the new virtual reality goggles will have advanced tracking capability, such as body or hand tracking.

We'll have to wait and see what happens. No matter what the company implies, we will give you the full scoop soon.

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