Resident Evil 4 VR remake is Coming.

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26 Apr

Following Capcom's initial announcement last week, Facebook Reality Labs has provided more information about a virtual reality remake of Resident Evil 4 for virtual reality.

The game will be available only on Facebook's Oculus Quest 2 headset later this year, though the exact date is still unknown. It's a first-person VR adaptation of the 2005 third-person game, as showed by Capcom's first trailer, with a focus on making weapons and movement feel more natural with Oculus Touch motion controllers.

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Resident Evil 4 for VR uses the game's original levels and animations, which have remastered with new textures, and cut they will render scenes "in their original format," according to Oculus. However, besides using the Touch controller analog sticks, developer Armature Studio has added VR-friendly locomotion options such as the ability to teleport or walk around a room-scale environment. You physically pick up weapons and items from the environment, and we can equip each hand with a unique weapon. The game's enemies will also attack in a first-person combat-oriented manner.

These additions are like those seen in other VR first-person shooters, such as Arizona Sunshine, whose developer Vertigo also released a new trailer for its upcoming cooperative game After the Fall today.

The Resident Evil 4 remake is part of a larger VR game lineup that includes a sequel to the original Oculus Rift title Lone Echo, which will released this summer, and Wraith: The Oblivion–Afterlife, which will released tomorrow on Oculus Quest and Rift.

Resident Evil 7 was previously playable on PlayStation VR, but this is the first full-length Resident Evil game made for the platform. Resident Evil 4 is also the first Quest 2 app that will not be compatible with the Oculus Quest. All launch titles for the Quest 2 had to be backwards compatible with the original, but Oculus left room for an exclusive game that required the extra power of a newer headset, and Resident Evil 4 appears to be that game.

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