PlayStation Gorn VR and PC VR graphical comparisons.

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25 Jan

One of VR's one of its best-selling games is on its way to Quest next week. Free Lives get a little of good news with the news that Facebook is not testing a standalone application. See what is available in your town in our Gorn comparison.

In "Gorn" (a game you might be familiar with, right?) you see multiple gladiator fights in order to please your emperor. As we've already seen on PSVR and PC VR, this results in some brilliantly bloody affairs–the game's physics system and over-the-top violence provide endless amounts of hilarity. But will they still be able to hold up after Quest?

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At long last, yes.
Therefore, while Gorn does like a few things to be different in its game, do also keep in mind that this might be random and/or caused by the random factors of the game. So, while you see a few differences that does not mean all of this is identical and there might actually be several other differences.

But all three versions of the game — the PSVR and the ported Quest version of which, with the help of 24 Bit Games — hold up nicely. On Quest, the game's cartoonist art style helps to keep a lot of the visuals and, crucially, none of the gory physics and dismemberment have lost, at least from what we've played.

Of course, you will also spot some things on Quest. The heads/faces we see at the movies or on TV have scaled back in size. One is the lack of blood inside the released Quest on PSVR, and the other is there how our characters sit very low in the released Quest on PC VR, and the level of detail we don't see on our characters in released Quest on PC VR, but there is a lot of blood on the released Quest on PSVR. Although they share characteristics with the PC VR game, we also spotted fewer enemies in the fighting at a time; PC VR games get full body control.

They do not hold Gorn back from playing better on the Quest, but they were good concessions to help Gorn play on Quest. If you have been holding back on doing this one until they remove the wire, it's definitely time to do that one.

Virtual Reality, Augmented and Artificial Intelligence 2021 specialist Amit Caesar wrote the article.
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