Korean Man Tears up After He 'Meets' Deceased Wife Through Virtual Reality

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27 Jan

Hi, this is Amit Caesar, how's the end of the world going for you? There are those in South Korea who are looking for more thrills, such as seeing dead people walking.

Remember the mother who met her dead daughter in virtual reality? Link to those who do not remember this shocking moment.
Turns out it did not stop there, and now it continues for another article.


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Virtual reality (VR) puts you in the shoes of a South Korean man who reunites with his wife after sorrowfully losing her because of tragic circumstances.

Unlike other documentaries, the broadcaster MBC created an interactive version of the documentary in VR, rendering the user as a protagonist in the story.

The documentary shows reunions (premised) among South Koreans (context) and their deceased loved ones (actuality) through VR (premise) technology.in the first season of the documentary, "Meeting Nayeon Again" this mother does not know her uniquely unique (unique) daughter is coming back. Nayeon passed away in 2016 after being diagnosed with a rare disease called hemochromatosis.

View the picture above. In a TV documentary, Kim Jung-soo reunited with her husband, who died in 1995 when they were both budding students of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, in Maryland.

Kim's wife had passed away from a difficult and serious illness, leaving him to parent their five children on his own.In a six-month period, the Media Broadcasting Center spent countless efforts on making reality seem as legitimate as possible. For example, in order to imitate the voice of Kim's wife, they hired an actress.When Kim was only in the last 50% of his life, he was content with just seeing his wife's shadow one last time.

Opposition from the family: In the documentary, Kim's children express their different views regarding their father's wish.

Read further.After her husband's death, Kim's second wife, Jong-yun, supported her husband and helped run his business successfully.

In one episode of the documentary, she recalls those happy moments of her father and mother. He would kiss her whenever it came up that it was time to do something, like work or eat.

When my mother was sick and lost her hair, my father would simply say, "You're going to look good again. It'll be good to carry you around." Kim's eldest daughter Jong-bin did not at first support her father in his pursuit of change the world. She thought that if he talked to his wife one last time, it could lead him to move on from a previous history. 

Kim interacted with his children until they all understood why it would benefit him to feature in the documentary.

“It is my last wish,” Mr. Jong-bin said, “that's why we allowed him to see his mother again,” he explained. The can sum documentary up in various brief clips or clips.In one clip, the children in the family held shackles as they watched their father in a VR machine, using the machine to see his wife. Can you not feel any pain anymore? he asks her.

Virtual Reality, Augmented and Artificial Intelligence 2021 specialist Amit Caesar wrote the article.
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