HTC Teasing Vive Lip-Tracking

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09 Mar

HTC vive company sent out a second teaser tweet yesterday, this time with the less-than-subtle message "Express yourself." Some fans responded to the tweet with a photo of the Vive Pro headset's lip tracking module. The clip that secures the device to the headset's bottom appears to be nearly identical.

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With last week's tease containing the message "It's your move," and many replies containing the word "tracking" and even a more recent reference to Avatar, HTC is teasing new add-ons for its existing Vive headsets, rather than an entirely new device. HTC's President of Vive in China confirmed yesterday that HTC will release a new standalone headset in 2021, but it now appears that's not what's being teased here.

HTC First announced the lip-tracking module for Vive at GDC 2019. The company stated at the time that there were no plans for a full release of the device. The kit hangs below the headset and detects movement in your mouth, which could recreate an experience on a virtual avatar of yourself. With the HTC Vive Pro Eye's eye-tracking, it's possible that HTC will soon bring highly expressive virtual avatars to VR. There's a lot of potential here if you take it a step further and use the Vive Trackers for full-body tracking.

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