DecaMove: Navigate with your body in VR

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19 Aug

This little device will completely change your VR gameplay!

Have a VR headset?

Playing multiplayer games like VRChat or Rec Room? Maybe shooters such as Population One or Pavlov VR?


With headset-based navigation your movement is limited to where you are looking which becomes a big issue when you want to observe the game environment for dangers or opportunities or just walk alongside a friend having a conversation.Controller-based navigation is not natural, confusing and removes one hand from the game while you navigate. You have to stop moving if you wish to load a gun, open a door or perform any other interaction.DecaMove is a new device designed specifically for better navigation in VR and will change the way you move in the virtual world.This little accessory allows you to navigate with your body, freeing your hands for interaction and your head to spectate around freely.Hip based navigation is natural, it brings immersiveness to the next level and also helps to reduce motion sickness. It contributes to the overall posture of your in-game character and will send haptic feedback when you get hit.

Fast and easy use

Clip it on your pants or belt, click to turn on, calibrate and play the game. 

It just works!

The DecaMove shifts navigation away from the head or controllers to the hip seamlessly without changing the input method. You move with the joystick exactly as you would without the DecaMove, No need for special hand gestures, no need for additional trackers or to change anything in the controllers.Designed for DecaGear, perfectly supports most headsets!DecaMove works great with Oculus Rift / S, Oculus Quest 1 / 2 , HTC Vive / Pro, Valve Index, Pimax and WMR headsets (tested with Samsung Odyssey and HP Reverb G2)Supports most VR titles on Steam

Here is a list of tested games and this list is growing everyday. Native Oculus Quest 2 support for games that implement the DecaMove SDK.This retro looking dongle is plug-and-forget and will give you a stable, extended range BLE reception even between rooms and up to 20 meters away.

Shipping and taxes

Please note that shipping will be calculated based on your country. Taxes will be applied on a country basis, in most countries like the EU block you will need to pay VAT only, but in many other countries such as the US or Japan, you would not need to pay any taxes, duties or VAT.We are working on the lowest cost methods to deliver the DecaMove to you and hope we will be able to have both duty and VAT exempt in most major markets.You can cancel your purchase at anytime until the shipping date, we will send you an email reminder before we ship out your DecaMove. You can read our straightforward.

Not convinced?

Try hip tracking with your Android phone for free. Download it here.

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