augmented reality system that allows vehicles to take on different forms.

29 Jan

Development of an augmented reality platform for the IMP, the ImagineAR, Inc. and Interactive Marketing Promotions (IMP) has agreed to a three-year license for a software development kit (SDK) that will turn a tablet or smartphone into an imaginarily interactive AR (augmented reality) environment.

In 2019, the IMP developed and deployed an Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Milwaukee AR Scavenger Hunt for the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show sponsored by the Automobile Dealers Association of Metro Milwaukee. However, there has been a decrease in the size of the crowds at automotive shows, and the laws that are still in place have become more stringent.

By using ImagineAR's Mobile App for the Auto Show Industry that is developed using ImagineAR's Software Development Kit, the user can also keep socially distanced from the event. This allows for the user to keep their hands free and not touch anything throughout the event. Augmented reality is a new interface technology that can be used with maps, images, augmented sound, voice recognition and hand and finger gestures.

Besides in-person events, AR can also be used to be equally social disinterested and letting crowds be controlled easily by merely making use of AR. Digital, two-way instant lead generation, and subsequently and/or product infomercials can be done via Augmented Reality.

“We have successfully worked with IMP prior to the onset of the pandemic,” said Alen Paul Silverrstieen, founder and chief executive of ImagineAR. “Our relationship with us will be focused on the automobile event marketplace and other opportunities in North America.”

Long ago, e-commerce has dramatically changed retailing; both on a physical and online location. From top to bottom, personal safety and hygiene areas are given priority, meaning that many of these companies are turning to Augmented Reality to create virtual "try-it-on" and "try-before-you-buy" apps that let customers look at themselves choosing products like headwear, cosmetics, clothing and jewelry before they actually buy them. From a Markets and Markets report, the AR industry had 10.7 billion dollars in revenue in 2019 and is forecast to grow to 72.7 billion dollars by 2024.

By using ImagineAR's licensed AR SDK and cloud-based suite, ImagineAR enables its partners to design immersive AR engagements for its customers that can be accessed from online virtual and future in-person automobile shows throughout North America.

Besides on-site virtual and on-site scavenger hunts, AR will place leading product experts from automobile manufacturers virtually “on location” with the consumer to provide information as either an avatar or a hologram.

"By combining the ImagineAR platform with our IMP app, we are providing automobile shows the most advanced interactive consumer attendee engagement solution and data capture tool," said Bob Kames, CEO of IMP.

The application ImagineAR is available to users at both the iPhone and Android app stores.

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