Are you worried about investing in AR? Then you should be!!!Want to know why? See below...

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16 Aug

You're inspired to build the next IKEA AR app for your business.
Great decision! Let's do it - but wait!!!

Do you know the avg. cost of building such AR app?

Let's discuss how much you need to spend to reach there.

Let's assume that the avg. developer rate: $150/hr.

App design
Time: 160-240 hr
Сost: $24,000-$36,000

Coding (iOS+Android)
Time: 200-420 hr
Cost: $30,000-$63,000

Time: 70-100 hr.
Cost: $7,000 – $12,000

So development of an AR app will take somewhere from 460 to 760 hours (4-5 months) and cost between $61,000-$111,000.

Oh! I forgot to add the waiting time to upload them in Play Store/iOS store, maintenance cost etc. on top!

What if it does not get the popularity you expected?

Try out different AR ideas with your customers before launch an app!
What if you get the same experience in < 1% of your budget?

Order custom 3D model: $50-$200
Time: 1-3 days

Host it in Web AR platform:
Deployment Time: 2-5 min. (yes, it is minutes really)
Cost: $10-$20/month for one Web AR app (on a very high end)

Publish it to global customers --> takes only a few seconds.


Investment decision is always crucial for your success!
Why should it be different for AR?
Knowledge is power.


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