Rebuff Reality TrackStrap Plus / TrackBelt Plus - VIVE Tracker Full Body Tracking - 10+ hrs 6,000mAh Battery - Adjustable Comfortable Foot Straps and Waist Belt - Popular in VRChat - Motion Capture

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  • Rebuff Reality is the Leading Manufacturer of VR Accessories and Peripherals in Full-body Tracking, Extended Power, Protection, and (upcoming) Audio.
  • VIVE Tracker ered for up to 10+ hours of game time in VR full-body tracking or motion capture.Battery Extension: Battery pow
  • Coil Cables with Zero Tracking Interfernce: Custom designed and enginered L-style cables means your tracking works perfectly.
  • Comfortable: Breathable elastic neoprene is cozy yet firm and fits vast majority of waist and foot sizes.
  • Includes 2 TrackStrap Plus and 1 TrackBelt Plus. UL and CE safety certified, Patent-pending. VIVE TRACKERS SOLD SEPARATELY.

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