For Meta Quest 3VR Wall Mountable Grip Charging Dock + VR Headset Storage Rack

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For Meta Quest3 VR Headset Charging Dock for Quest 3 Grip Charger with Display Lights

Product Introduction:

1. Designed for Meta Quest3 VR

2. It can store the VR headset and charge 2 controllers.

3. When charging the controllers,placing the controller according to the "L" or "R" mark on the charger. 

4, With indicator light,red light when charging,blue light when full. 

5. Patented products,born for games


Charging parameters: 

1. Input voltage DC 5V 

2. Input current 2A

3. Charging current of left and right controllers is 500MA*2

4. Battery capacity 1800MA

Product specification 

1. Contains 1pcs charging  Stand

2. 1pcs charging cable

3. Charge left and right battery cover 2pcs

4. Rechargeable batteries 2pcs 

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