Where to Buy virtualReality Glasses?

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Where to Buy virtualReality Glasses?

Hi everyone, my name is larry singol for those who do not know, every now and then we are asked where best to buy simulated and laminated reality glasses ?, my answer, which is best to buy virtual reality glasses today in Israel and it does not have to be in my shop , A store for selling virtual reality lenses in Israel).

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In my opinion it is worth paying the VAT and buying in the country when you look at cost versus benefit, the differences are negligible, the truth is that the percentage of glitches is high in all types of models, I do not know a model of virtual reality glasses that do not just spoil without a reason and especially Oculus that their service simply does not exist, we shop Real and lab for simulated and laminated reality and we deal with the field on a daily level that made an hour.

If you buy overseas it is cheaper (as if) but there are problems no responsibility! If you take the risk and the glasses are burned as in many cases it is very common, at best you have to send the product back overseas, the cost of the product call abroad warranty, costs Hundreds of shekels, depending on what returns.

It is important to remember that the services of the companies that make the glasses such as: Oculus and HTC do not really take their customers seriously and there are complaints about forums, if that is not enough, the companies themselves do not send to the country most directly.

It is important to me that consumers understand that nowadays, whoever sells them in the country, sells service and warranty in addition to the product, the benefits of buying in the country is simply logical.

1. Warranty and tolerance service

2. Remote Hebrew support service

3. Training and coffee by a professional in the field

3. Advice before buying to adapt the product to your needs

4. Option to try product demo before purchase (symbolic fee)

5. Lab (For Our Customers Only)

6. Equipment training and installation service and connection

7. Smooth and fast entry into the virtual reality world

Want to? Welcome to call now and we will be happy to give you a service

972 + 09-8320-333 Multi-line

Hope we helped you decide, so, in any way you choose not to enter the new world of virtual and laminated reality, welcome to your new reality.

Facebook's new virtual reality glasses have just been launched

Oculus Quest 2

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