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What is Valve's Index? And what's new?

update 12.19.2021

Valve Index 2: rumors, predictions and what we want from the VR headset

Right now, finding the best VR headset is hard. This isn’t like choosing a new phone or headphones – there aren’t many options available. But the Valve Index virtual reality headset is hands-down one of the top VR headsets you can buy today – and one of the best VR experiences you can get at home. 

With the success it’s seen in the VR space since it was first launched in 2019, it’s a safe bet that a follow-up Valve Index 2 headset could already be in development. There’s been no verified confirmation yet. However, we’re already seeing hints of what it could contain ahead of an official unveiling. For example, it might be a wireless, standalone VR headset, like the Meta Quest – and there's mounting evidence that Valve is quietly iterating on its next VR product.

According to official figures at the time of writing, more than 16% of all Steam VR users own a Valve Index. That makes it the third most used VR headset right now behind the Meta Quest and Quest 2. With that kind of success, we’d expect Valve will want to come back for more with a follow-up that improves on the already brilliant original. But given the original Valve Index is only two years old, we might have to wait a while.

Valve's new virtual reality glasses so what should we know? Virtual Reality Glasses Valve I consider Index to be more expensive virtual reality glasses, less than the regular user, compared to the Oculus S, but these are still excellent virtual reality glasses.

  [Note: The article is still in writing and updates].

The hardware in the Valve Index is very good and the glasses have comfortable straps that feel comfortable inside, similar to the feel of an enhanced DELUXE strap, learned there from HTC vive pro.

In Virtual Reality Valve Index, there are a wide range of adjustments for the eyes, which is very important to some people (the glasses have IPD hardware and eyesight options) and although the Valve Index transmits at 1,440 × 1,600 resolution just like the Vive Pro, switching to LCD screens makes the, with RGB sub-pixels, it is a better display that reduces the "screen door" effect, it is an upgrade compared to the sample ocular glasses or vive that transmit 1,080 × 1,200 per OLED eye).

Who would have thought the LCDs would make COME BACK, switching to LCDs would mean darker levels and a little grayer color, as opposed to their LEDs having a richer black color, no doubt the display is clearer, the index supports 80Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz , And 144Hz refresh rate, the index has a significant advantage with 144Hz, and improved tracking? However, to get the most out of the high refresh rate, you need a powerful GPU processor like virtual reality glasses pimax - example pimax: (RTX 2080 Ti) or similar.

"Wolves Index" joins the prestigious HP Reverb Club, or pimax 8k, which allows us to expect 2,160 × 2,160 resolution per eye or more, a wider field of view than competitors in the field, at around 120 or 130 degrees. The lenses are larger and the mechanism is comfortable and allows you to put the lenses very close to the eyes and get a large field of view, this is a big and well-felt difference and only pimax can on it it is important to note that the sharpness of the image does not decrease when looking at the edges of the lens which is a welcome improvement.

And now a teaser video:

Did you wipe your lips with the saliva that had run out of the YouTube Cliff? These are definitely virtual reality goggles for heavily influenced gamers, who are looking to reach the high levels and also the premium price.

Now we will go over the headphones of virtual reality mock indexes, these are great headphones and there are some of the best I have heard so far, it is important to note that they do not even touch the ears and still have great sound quality with a lot of power (Apple secretary opinion), this is a difference between night and day compared to competitors this.

Valve Index Controllers Controllers This is a nice upgrade, finally has a power or English thumbs up (controllers responsive) and touch buttons inside, called "intuitive" input, the valve index can track all of your fingers, which is interesting, but frankly not Effective right now.

As users of valve index controllers have enthusiasm for the first few minutes afterwards, but quickly discover that there is not too much used in the future, it may be common, but first, valve index or developers will have to make it a game or concept and really prove that this specific technology is in use And not better, smaller, cheaper controllers and the center of gravity more concentrated and accurate.

While companies like vive and oculus are developing a friendlier, easier-to-use user approach based on side out tracking sensors, this index is still a method of entangling yourself, which means you need dedicated space and external sensors to track. Which makes the installation process complex, but an external sensor is currently more accurate for those who are really, really important.

Using Steam VR felt like back in time and not like a virtual reality goggles system in 2019 and their site is also uninviting, I am a virtual reality gamer for years and I still have to change software settings myself, everything looks workable right now, no neat information and certainly not a lot of guides Fault, I recommend right now the valve index only for people who have technical skills and prior experience in virtual reality.

The cameras on the front of the Valve Index are not doing anything right now, you can see your hands and the world outside but it's not useful, quote from road to vr: They still seem to treat cameras as a development toy instead of a proper Valve Index feature.

For example, Oculus Ace uses cameras such as setting game limits, you can see your controllers, which is far more pleasant than fumbling around in the blind in mornings and again I quote ROAD TO VR You have to steal competitors' ideas to make Valve Index is at least cumbersome and complicated and doesn't need a monstrous computer.

I compare the index to "Pimax 8 Kay" - more expensive, but great if you're ready to go down to the minor details, and you have vive gear. An index suitable for enthusiastic but unequivocal enthusiasts, not for the novice or for people who don't dive into virtual reality for hours.

Summarize my recommendation if you have previous disappointment with first-generation virtual reality glasses that you do not use, to consider ease of use rather than things like resolution, field of view and refresh rate. (Valve Index will not make you play in virtual reality anymore, it's more about upgrading your existing experience.)

Controllers are working on legacy input and developers will need to update their games to work with the new controller, "have not yet announced a release date for a game, let alone name it" road to vr.

One last thing worth noting is that the Valve Index can also technically played in Oculus games through the unofficial (Revive mod) plug-in. Workers are excellent in both Oculus and Steam, intermittently lol.

article by Amit Caesar:

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