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Webex Hologram XR Solution Unveiled by Cisco

article by Amit caesar

At the Webex One event on Tuesday, Cisco Systems unveiled its future Webex Hologram hybrid work solution. The business claimed that the new platform was the only real-time meeting solution that combined its meetings platform with real-time 3D holographic content using augmented reality (AR) head-mounted displays. According to research from the San Jose, California-based corporation, 64 percent of employees indicated their ability to work from home influenced their decision to stay or leave a company. Cisco recommended that companies provide more flexibility in remote working arrangements while balancing the requirement for face-to-face cooperation, based on the findings. The Webex Hologram platform, according to the company, will enable partners to carry out such duties.

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Cisco Security and Collaboration Executive Vice President and General Manager Jeetu Patel stated,

“Our mission at Cisco is to empower the 3 billion digital workers on the planet to take part equally from anywhere in the world. Webex Hologram represents an enormous step toward our mission of delivering a delivering a work experience so seamless that there is no gap between virtual and in-person collaboration”

Webex Hologram Features

The report comes as the current COVID-19 epidemic continues to wreak havoc on businesses throughout the world, with countries planning countrywide lockdowns and tightening security standards in order to combat the virus. Webex Hologram could allow medical personnel like doctors, technicians, and others to manage 3D content remotely, saving time, money, and, most importantly, lives.

It will also provide users with a headset-agnostic experience compatible with Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap headsets, as well as immersive technologies, digital and physical content sharing, and immersive experiences for multiple users. McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown described the new platform as a "potent tool" for his company's design engineers, drivers, and crews to rethink hybrid sports and support teams throughout the world. He went on, saying,

"Rather than sending a specialist to the racing team or explaining processes with flat visuals, we can show an engine component from every angle, convey sizing, and instruct on assembly and usage as if they were in person, all while saving countless hours in trip time"

The announcement comes as MR systems like NexTech AR's HoloX and Microsoft's Mesh work to provide next-generation holographic content for VR, AR, and MR devices.

Varjo Teleport, a comparable solution from Varjo Technologies, was introduced on Thursday last week at a long-awaited product launch, allowing users using XR-3 headsets to access 3D-scanned settings in a shared virtual realm.

For additional information and to take part in the pilot program, please visit the Webex Hologram website.

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