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We expected apple to be a "game changer" in Augmented Reality, according to Morgan Stanley.

By Amit caesar

Tim Cook has repeatedly said that Apple sees augmented reality as important, and the company has filed very many patents regarding Apple AR. Now Morgan Stanley notes that "Apple's patent portfolio is mirroring the period prior to the Watch launch."

Investors.com obtained a copy of an investment bank report titled "Augmented & Virtual Reality," which claims that the launch is nearing and that Apple will bring AR into the mainstream.

"As the technology becomes more normalized and popularized, Apple's entry into the eyewear market will be a game changer for all participants," it says. "Apple has a track record of disrupting new markets and growing the addressable market size far beyond initial expectations."

Morgan Stanley analysts continued, "It's difficult to overstate the enormity of the technical challenge of compressing a daylong battery, 5G, compute, cameras, LiDAR, projectors, and wave guide lenses into a lightweight, attractive pair of glasses." "However, we're almost ready to take off."

Separately, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that production of Apple's first AR headset now won't begin until the end of 2022.

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