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Watch: Incredible Ground Ops Airport Training Sim Remarkably Detailed

Recently, AVIAR, an aviation training company, published a look at its virtual training platform, and it seems comprehensive.
The platform of AVIAR encompasses different fields of aviation training, but this demo shows its ground operation training. Check it out, running on PC VR, in the trailer below.
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The trailer offers a brief preview, breaking down to a granular level of detail, of the different safety checks and setup procedures that the platform contains. The platform shows you the structure of a craft, its distinct elements, and how unique tools can communicate with them. We can drive even vehicles to tow the aircraft.

The company states that its training approach is easier and cheaper than using real-world equipment and a physical venue. AVIAR CEO Grigory Rodionov, speaking to Upload, disclosed that the company has been working on its platform for over two years and has found increased significance in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, like other VR businesses.

For the time being the ground operations side of the training is most complete, but Rodionov says the first cabin crew training releases will be available in Q1 next year and pilot and we will provide safety training by the end of 2021.

Not just that, but AVIAR is also planning to take its job and make a game out of the stuff. No more info about that yet, but expect to hear more in 2021.

With airlines, including Lufthansa and Nord Star, AVIAR has already introduced its solution.
Overall, it seems like a fairly good example of how VR, especially during the pandemic, can help training programs.

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