Video Games as Recommended by the Doctor

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OVERVIEW AGAINST Treatment for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be provided for the first time in an FDA-cleared action video game experience.

Digital therapeutics is an emerging branch of digital health technology that enable customers in a number of ways to take more control of their own health care. And while video games have been seen as a vice for youth, they are now entering the ranks of successful medical care.

Akili Interactive, a regular CES® speaker and founder of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, has used video games to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
In a treatment that the U.S. cleared The company's customized gaming experience, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), was developed with algorithms designed to enhance cognitive functioning.
The Right Way Attract Attention
EndeavorRx from Akili Interactive is powered by the Selective Stimulus Management Engine (SSME) proprietary technology, which targets the neural systems involved in attention control, such as concentration, disturbance processing and multitasking.
In an increasingly dynamic world, SSME aims to help engage the brain to navigate multiple information sources. The algorithms used in EndeavorRx allow it to automatically change the degree of complexity to accommodate each patient's care needs.
The neural systems involved in impulsivity, memory, special navigation, goal management and more are the focus of other key technologies used in Akili's product, getting to the root of several problems facing children with ADHD.

When Medicine Is Fun and Healthy
In order to cure attention deficits, physicians have traditionally prescribed behavioral medications. EndeavorRx now offers an option for those that are unfamiliar with pharmacological therapies or for patients that encounter unpleasant side effects from drug-based treatments.

There is a psychological belief that the pharmaceutical industry must partner with and deliver this in order to be a legal drug.

In a research, the EndeavorRx interface was used for four weeks, 25 minutes a day, five days a week and was found to substantially increase the functioning of attention.

Digital Therapeutics' Future
Technologies such as the SSME of Akili may lay the foundations for moving digital therapeutics towards more mainstream use. Martucci claims that digital therapy is a response to medicine's high cost of treatment and accessibility.

In order to incorporate this into conventional health care medicine, there will be a great drive to educate the world about digital therapeutics," he said on the stage of CES 2020."