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The Best VR Games

The best virtual reality games in 2023 are definitely a year for some promising virtual reality titles, there's nothing like an eye mirror, so let's move on to the games.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

In this action game, you must save your teammates who scattered in space. The game offers 20 different main levels and 26 challenge levels. The game certainly entertains for a long time. The game offers 360-degree worlds and various weapons, including throwing stars, a water gun, and more.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a rhythm music game with an active twist. The setup is like other music games, such as Audio surf, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band, but instead of controlling virtual guitar or fake devices, you cut your way through virtual laser swords. Beat Saber produces unique patterns of on-screen encoded blocks, and you must hit with the right controller (right or left) as they slide. There are also obstacles that appear at different times and force you to bend.

Danger Goat

Goat's life has never been easier. As you can experience firsthand, it's a kind of simulator. This is a strange but interesting game, you can use traps, missiles, and whatever is in their way to advance in the game.


A showcase of PS4 V4 capabilities and the first game to use PS VR AIM, a gun-shaped controller specifically designed for first-person games. At Farpoint, you must survive encounters with a deadly enemy in a dangerous alien environment, to find out what happened to the rest of your research team.

I Expect You To Die

In the game, I expect you to die, your spy who must escape a series of life-threatening situations before time runs out. You have your wits, problem-solving skills, and telekinesis.


In this magical adventure game, you accompanied by a mouse named Moss, who, after accidentally evoking ancient magic in the forest, must go on a quest to save the situation. Along the way, you encounter puzzles, enemies, and impressive animation and effects The game is suitable for players of all ages.

No Man's Sky

The basic purpose of the game is to get to the center of the universe, you can explore countless planets of the game created by how you want, building a base, and also space wars.

Project Cars 2

Car Project 2 gives you a seat in the driver's seat of a realistic car, a racing circuit. The game really restores the feel of the actual world to the last detail, the vehicle, for example, looks great, even the weather is definitely a car game that every racing enthusiast must ..

Rez: Infinite

The classic cult game is now available for VR platforms. The story of a computer virus (Swayzak) that goes on a mission through a network of systems called Project-K to save Eden (the AI control system) from self-destruction.

Space Junkies

Junkies' Ubisoft is an arcade that takes place in space. In the game, you fight enemies with futuristic weapons in orbital arenas.

Space Pirate Trainer

Perfect arcade on the VR platform. In the game, your mission is to shoot down enemies, in the game there are many weapons and weapons upgrades, remember that you can not get very far without actively engaging in the game. Avoid the physical attacks and avoid incoming attacks.


Subnautica is an adventure that is happening soon. After crashing a passenger plane on an ocean planet called 4546B, they leave you stranded on the island, called the quarantine enforcement platform. They give you instructions on how to escape the planet, but before doing so you must disable the security system. In the meantime, you must also maintain your character's health and build tools and infrastructure from the 4546B marine environment. As you progress, you will discover more of the ancient narrative of the planet.

Tetris Effect

The Climb

The climb is an outstanding example of using VR effectively translate a real-world experience. The Climb, roughly based on Vietnam's Halong Bay, while the North takes inspiration from the Arctic Circle. Wherever you choose, Crytek's engine can create spectacular views.

The Lab

Have you ever wanted to visit Aperture Labs after completing Portal 2? Valve brings you back there and big time.

The Talos Principle VR

If intellectual puzzle games do this to you, get ready to sink many fun hours into the Talus VR principle. In the game, you play as an intelligent, anthropomorphic robot tasked with navigating dungeons and obstacles to a series of mysterious environments laden with modern technology.

The article was written by Amit Caesar and Bard

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