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The 20 Best-Rated Games and 5 Highly Anticipated Titles for Quest 2

While Meta quest doesn't provide much in the way of public data on how well individual apps are performing across its VR storefronts, looking at apps compared to one another can provide some insight. We list the top 20 Meta Quest games and apps as of December 2021 below.

Paid Oculus Quest Apps with the Highest Ratings

Each application's rating is based on a compilation of user reviews and is a useful tool for determining how well each title is received by customers.

RankNameRating (# of ratings)Rank Change
#1Puzzling Places4.93 (642)
#2The Room VR: A Dark Matter4.89 (8,590)
#3I Expect You To Die 24.89 (1,358)
#4Walkabout Mini Golf4.86 (4,491)
#5YUKI4.83 (158)↑ 2
#6Moss4.82 (5,153)
#7Swarm4.82 (1,368)↓ 2
#8I Expect You To Die4.81 (4,016)↑ 1
#9Ragnarock4.8 (328)New
#10Cubism4.79 (527)↓ 2
#11The Thrill of the Fight4.79 (6,631)↓ 1
#12Pistol Whip4.78 (7,701)↓ 1
#13Lucky’s Tale4.77 (115)New
#14GORN4.77 (5,413)↓ 2
#15Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted4.77 (6,493)↓ 2
#16In Death: Unchained4.75 (3,276)↓ 1
#17ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos4.74 (923)↓ 3
#18Trover Saves the Universe4.74 (1,846)↓ 2
#19Yupitergrad4.73 (435)↓ 2
#20Racket: Nx4.72 (1,586)↓ 2

5 exciting games that are coming to Meta quest 2

You bought Meta quest 2?, congratulations. There are a lot of grand games on Meta quest 2, both in the Meta quest 2 and Steam store that are worth the money you paid on the device, let's go over five games for the Meta quest 2 That we will pay to play.

5–Among Us VR

4 - Zenith: The Last City

3–Nerf Ultimate Championship vr

2—Ultrawings 2 VR

1—ForeVR Darts VR

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